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Oh, One Last Thing

I’d just like to point out a few things that I decided after I posted my supposed ‘last’ post:

1) I may return to the blog if I feel like it. This may only be a temporary break, if I can think of new, interesting things to post about.

2) I will still be updating my Twitter account, if you still want to follow me in some form in the meantime.

3) I will still be checking my blog stats, comments and feeback form regularly, so feel free to continue to use those parts of the blog.

4) I will still be checking the email account I set up for this blog: 

Thanks again for reading, everyone.


Forgetting Her…. ish…

Some of my blog followers have been saying on Twitter recently that I should try and forget about J-O, that it isn’t worth it. I wasn’t inclined to agree with them, until yesterday. I kept seeing her liking photos of her on that Facebook ticker thing, and every time I just had to look. I couldn’t stand seeing photos of her, making me realise how much I miss her, how I feel about her. So I decided to do something about it.

I thought, though, that I didn’t want to block her completely or anything. I still like her, yes, I still want to be with her in the future. She said she would still like to be with me in the future. Although we haven’t talked in ages, she said she still wanted us to meet up sometimes.

So I decided, firstly, to remove any reference of her from my desktop or start menu on my laptop. Secondly, I signed out of Skype and stopped it signing in when I start up my laptop, since she’s the only reason I ever have to use it (but I’m not blocking her). Lastly, I ‘unsubscribed’ from her Facebook updates, so she won’t appear in my newsfeed or in the ticker. I will also limit myself to viewing her profile once a week, maximum.

Hopefully all of these things combined will help me forget about her. Well, not exactly forget about her, since I still want to be with her in the future, and she may want to meet up soon (it’s unlikely though, I suspect). But it will (hopefully) make me stop missing her, stop feeling so strongly about her – give myself a more objective viewpoint on the whole situation. She’s basically forgotten about me, I will basically forget about her. I just can’t stand this torture any more.

My Minor Breakdown on Twitter Last Night

Here’s my tweets from yesterday, as promised, in chronological order:

Just got back from the funeral and the reception thing (I dunno what you’d call it) afterwards, I am exhausted.

I think if it turns out I’m not going to London tomorrow I will be grateful in that respect at least.

Bored here, bored there, bored everywhere. Bored, boring, boring, bored.

When I was writing my letter to J-O which I hoped to give her this weekend, a thought occurred to me.

She won’t need me soon, she’ll have plenty of friends, nice guy interested in her, the best thing to do would be to let her go.

Hate myself, hate my life.

Maybe I should try internet dating. I mean proper internet dating. Oh wait, maybe that’s where I went wrong in the first place.

Or maybe I should just give up on the whole dream of, you know, having a nice girlfriend.

I hate being an depressive, over-dramatic git.

It would be good to focus on uni work this year anyway, I think J-O rather distracted me this last year and a half.

But seriously, who does that? Calls you, talks for a few minutes, says they have to go but will call you back, then ignores you?

She came on Skype about 30 mins ago and I finally sent her a message. I hate myself but I couldn’t help it.

Simply said “hi, do you want to talk? if not, have a nice weekend :)”

She just went offline. I’ll take that as confirmation, then.

My life is seriously fucked up.

Who knows, actually, fuck it, how about I might find somebody who is actually worthy of being my girlfriend cos I’m actually a great guy.

Okay, I’m not a ‘great’ guy. But girls can do a damn sight worse than me, I know that.

Oh great, I’ve just realised I’ve basically wasted a Vodafone Freedom Freebee pack. I thought I’d easily use it up talking to J-O.

£10 down the fucking drain, since you lose it if you don’t use it in a month.

That bloody letter I wrote too, and the picture I ordered from Snapfish, I have half a mind to throw it on a fire.

Maybe I need to go see a psychiatrist.

Maybe it’s just been a stressful day, what with the funeral and all that.

Maybe I need a cup of tea. I’ll go make myself one actually…

Thats the second bloody time I’ve got something for J-O and she’s gone and ignored me right before I was supposed to give it to her.

Women are crazy.

I feel like just expiring right here.

I’m super-stressed and off to bed. Goodnight!


Reflecting on Oxymoronic

Originally tweets, these were copy and pasted here as my initial spontaneous thoughts and reactions to that event.

Seriously, sometimes J-O just makes me want to tear all my hair out and run around the room screaming. Women don’t make any sense.

Next Wednesday, it’ll have been exactly 1 month since J-O has been in the UK. I have only met her ONCE. ONCE?! This makes no sense…

Damn, should have told her about the presents I’d got her to try and persuade her to let me come and see her tomorrow. Okay, so it’s only a keyring (I’d sent her the same one before but it was lost in the post) and chocolates, but it’s still something.

I dunno. Either I’m not the fantastic potential boyfriend I think I am, or she’s absurdly impossible to please.

If J-O slips through my fingers, there’s nobody waiting in the wings. Not soon, not ever.

I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I can’t break up with her because I’m in love with her, but I really cannot stand to talk to her these days. Everything that’s happened since she arrived in the UK has been bad, except for the first day we met, which wasn’t apparently that great for her after all. Are all relationships this hard?

I think I’ve come upon the solution. We have a break from our online relationship. We won’t talk until we’re going to arrange our next meet. That should stop me thinking about breaking up with her. And hopefully stop her feeling the same thing.

Quick Little Note III

I’ve decided that since I’ve fallen for J-O so badly, it would be best not to update my blog on every little event that happens when I’m talking to her that I find significant. So, in order not to bug my readers with this I’ve decided to keep these minuscule musings to my ‘micro-blog’ over at Twitter. See, it does make a sort of sense, to keep short blog posts to a social networking site that was invented for precisely this purpose – small blog updates. For those who don’t follow me on Twitter, my feed can be found on the right hand side of this page or here on Twitter itself.

It’s probably pretty sad that I’ve fallen for her so much given that we’ve never met in person, but I can’t help it.


Everyone is back from uni for Christmas, yay! I held a party at my house and it was awesome. We had a lot of fun and nothing was broken or puked on, which was good. It was so great to see everybody again, although I’ll probably now miss them even more after Christmas because of it.

I couldn’t believe how many people brought cameras, there were 4 flying around the place (not literally of course), ensuring everyone who forgot things in their drunken state could be reminded of them in the coming days. I suppose it’s really more to do with showing off on Facebook, which is where all pictures end up, even the more risqué ones (I’ll explain in the coming days in other posts). Drunken amnesia is a thing of the past, due to it being carefully documented on camera (especially since all digital camera now record video too) but embarrassing photos certainly aren’t!

P.S Before I go, quick shout-out to boysandbooks for mentioning me on her Twitter account, thanks very much 🙂

Snow (Or Lack Thereof) and the British

Hey look, it’s a blog post that isn’t about how depressed I am! Joy of joys!

If you are a member of Twitter then you may well have seen the hashtag #uksnow. Yes, that’s right – it snowed in the UK for once! It was amazing how suddenly a tiny bit on snow caused Twitter to go haywire, with #uksnow hitting around 5th or 4th in the top trending topics for a few hours. That’s what us Brits are like – obsessed with the weather – but even more obsessed with snow! Every year we wish for it to snow properly – but it rarely happens. It did early this year, in February, I think, and it was awesome. Today (where I was at least) it hardly snowed at all, and only for about an hour. But in that hour, I dared to hope – dare to hope it would snow properly, and lay!

Alas, it did not happen. But I hope, at some point in the coming month or so, that it does. It would be awesome!

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