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An Issue With Chuck Season 3

One of my favorite TV programmes is Chuck. If you don’t know anything about it, it’s about a nerd called Chuck Bartowski who works at an electronics store (called the ‘Buy More’) and one day is sent an email by an ex-college friend which, upon opening, places all the secrets the CIA and NSA knows into his head, called “The Intersect”. By season 3 this had been upgraded to the “Intersect 2.0” which also imparts various abilities such as kung fu, and the like. Throughout this he is protected by his NSA handler John Casey and CIA handler Sarah Walker, with whom (Sarah) he is romantically linked in an ‘will-they-won’t they’ kinda thing that TV shows like to do.

Now, here’s the thing. At the end of season 2 Sarah and Chuck almost run away together, but Chuck decides to stay with the CIA to learn how to be a ‘real spy’. They are again not together, as is required by the ‘will-they-won’t-they’ thing. Then, on a mission, Chuck encounters a woman, Hannah, he likes and after talking basically gets her to come work at the Buy More. At the same time Sarah is linked with a new agent, called Shaw. However, the shows writers decide that the best thing in order to preserve they ‘will-they-won’t-they’  thing between Sarah and Chuck, is for Hannah to make an exit just a few episodes after being introduced.

Personally, I would have liked to have seen the relationship between Chuck and Hannah develop. It would have been nice to have seen Chuck have a bit of success with the ladies for once, and the writers could keep their ‘will-they-won’t-they’ kinda in play as the potential for Chuck and Sarah to get together is still high; they could easily just lose Hannah at the same time they lose Shaw (through an unrelated thing to each other, I mean), especially since Shaw is only really around for season 3 anyway. I dunno, maybe it has something to do with projecting my feelings onto the characters, but I still think the show could be just as good if Chuck and Hannah stayed together a little longer.


New Favorite TV Show: Fresh Meat

I have a new favorite TV show. It’s on Channel 4 (not E4 strangely) and it’s called Fresh Meat. It’s written by the guys who write Peep Show, which I really like, and it even features Robert Webb as a minor character. It’s about a bunch of students who miss out on halls and so have to share a house with fellow first-years (and one character that isn’t a first year). It’s hilarious but has several awkward moments, which I feel inclined to change the channel, because I can’t stand awkward moments. The third episode just finished as I began writing this, and it had many stand-out moments including one character not being sure if he raped a girl or not and another character changing courses to try and get girls, before realising what a massive mistake it was.

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Quite Interesting – Dinner For One

I was watching QI on Dave the other day (for non-UK readers, QI is a British TV panel show where points are awarded for being ‘interesting’, and Dave is a TV channel that shows BBC repeats), an episode on Germany. At one point they started talking about this comedy sketch (‘skit’) that is British-made, but completely unknown in the ‘English-speaking world’ but very popular in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, where it is shown on New Year’s Eve every year. It is called ‘Dinner for One’, and is about a English lady’s 90th birthday and her butler who has to impersonate each (now dead) guest that used to attend her birthday dinners at each course. I thought it was kind of funny in places but not that brilliant, but then everybody’s taste in comedy is different! I’ll post the two parts here and you can judge for yourself: (It is introduced in German but the actual sketch is in English)

Luna The Whale

Today I watched this fantastic episode of Natural World, which was about a killer whale who got separated from his family and ended up in a bay on the coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. It charts his progress during this difficult time, showing how he tries to make friends with the people on the boats that come in and out of they bay, by swimming alongside them. The authorities try to discourage him, but he clearly wants friends after his traumatic experience. The film-maker, a local man, makes friends with him, to the annoyance of the authorities. It ends, tragically, with Luna going too close to a big boat and being killed by the propeller.

It was such a moving story, for me. It shows that humans are not the only animals who value friendship. To see that whale being so affectionate to the film-maker who befriended him, was so touching. It really showed friendship as the fantastic thing it is, with the ability to heal and bridge boundaries. For that magnificent whale to show how much it wanted friendship, and the love that it gave and received when that call for friendship was answered, was just so touching.

It’s tragic that this lovely, friendly and docile whale should have it’s life cut short in the way it did. I almost cried for it when the programme was drawing to a close, and am slightly welling up again now, just thinking about it. God bless you Luna, for showing what friendship is all about, and for showing that we should value other animals lives, and, in the case of intelligent and clearly emotional animals like whales and dolphins, that we should treat them as well as a human being. Rest in peace, Luna.

(For those readers in the UK, you can watch the show again, on iPlayer here.)

Save The BBC!

The BBC is being attacked from all sides, and somebody needs to help it!
Labour is attacking the BBC:
Newspapers are attacking the BBC:
Govt departments are attacking the BBC:
At least the Tories are defending it:

To those who complain that the BBC’s commercial arm makes lots of money and the license fee is too high, do you realise profits from the commercial arm help subsidise the license fee? Get rid of the commercial arm and the license fee will go up! Do you want that? I didn’t think so!

To those who want to top-slice the license fee, why would you want to do that, I ask?! The BBC are the only ones who make decent programmes, especially news programmes. ITV is the worst for news, 99% of their headlines involve celebrities, they’re the TV equivalent of The Sun and don’t deserve license fee money, since they’d only waste it on making more rubbish than they do now. BBC News is the best news organisation in the world and completely unbiased. If the license fee is ‘top-sliced’ this would be ruined. Don’t ruin the BBC, and especially don’t scrap the license fee: the BBC is the only decent TV company left!

You’ve probably heard that the BBC is rubbish from whereever else you get your news, but they would say that, wouldn’t they, since they’re competing against the BBC! They know they can’t compete with them becuase the BBC are so fantastic, and the license fee is the reason why they’re so good: if they were a commercial company, they would have to make awful, ‘popular’ programmes like the other channels do and so most people who like the BBC would switch off their TVs altogether. I know I would, if the BBC was privatised.

At least the Conservatives are talking sense when it comes to the BBC, compared to Labour’s stance. The BBC works fantastically as it is, and to change how it operates would be to destroy it. Those who don’t see how valuable it is shouldn’t be allowed to watch any TV at all.

When I Saw Her I Just Thought “I Can’t Make Her Happy”

I just don’t think I’m right for her

I went over her house (that girl I like‘s house) today. It was quite fun until the end, when I thought I’m just not right for her. This is because at the end, when we were in the car (she gave me a lift back from her house to the bus stop), I looked at her I just thought that there is no way it could work.

We watched a few episodes of Peep Show that I brought and there was this one line that, when walking back, seemed to sum up my mood at this moment: “I’ve started to get this feeling that I’m totally, totally fucked… You know, I fucked up my wedding, I fucked up my only relationship. Everything’s just completely fucked.

I’ve just realised though, there was an oppertunity that I missed today. She was upstairs phoning a friend to see if he was coming and I was coming out of the loo (the loo is upstairs) and she was on her own, her friend was busy watching the dvd, I could have talked to her. I should’ve realised at the time, dammit!
It’s just that when I was able to take some long sideways looks at her in the car (she didn’t see cos she was concentrating on the road) I just thought “god, I’m never going to be able to make a girl that nice, that beautiful, happy”. I just think that she’s all nice, generally cheery, interesting and fun to be around, whereas I’m kinda the exact opposite of that.
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