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A Drunken Late-Night Conversation With Mates

After the England game last week, when we crashed out of Euro 2012 on penalties (again, penalties, always penalties!) me and my friends A and J went to the local park to have a kick-about (yes, at 12pm, yes, we were fairly drunk). We didn’t do it for very long though because it was dark and there weren’t many street lights near the grassy bit. So we decided to make our way over to the playground, and we went on the swings and the roundabout, because we’re that cool. We stayed there for over an hour because we were talking.

What were we talking about? Well, we were all guys, A had just broken up with his girlfriend, and J is constantly having little problems with his girlfriend. So naturally the topic, for most of the time, was sex. Firstly, A and J asked each other what they’d done sexually and stuff like that. Then A started talking about how he “hadn’t had sex in 5 weeks” and so was “so fucking horny”; he said he “couldn’t imagine how [I] must feel”, having never had sex at all, that it must be “unbelievably difficult”; I said “you have no idea”. Then J said how he was having a housewarming party for his new uni house he’s moving into in September, and how we should go to it, and then A suggested that him and J should ‘get me laid’. J said that there’s this girl he knows who kept flirting with him, saying she was looking for “a nice guy” and that maybe they could try and hook me up with her. I went along with it because I know it won’t happen, but their hearts are in the right place.

My friend J then went on to talk about his girlfriend, M, which I won’t really go into here. Basically, they’ve been together for over 4 years but, for various reasons, some justifiable and some not so much, she’s still very insecure about their relationship (for example, they can basically never go anywhere or do anything without each other). Although their relationship is strong, this continues and it a continuous source of low-level annoyance for J. By the end of this conversation it was about 1:30pm and they insisted that I could not walk back alone, and so I stayed at J’s house. They are such good friends, it was such a great night.

Just a shame about England…


21 & Other Things

I turned 21 last week. I don’t feel that different, but I begin to feel old when I realise that I was last technically a teenager over a year ago now. I still feel like a teenager. I celebrated my birthday with a load of my friends. First they came to my house for pre-drinks and then we went into town. I couldn’t remember much after we left my house though. I blame my friend J, because he made me have a shot of absinthe shortly before we left for town – I think that put me ‘over the edge’.

I thought initially that I wanted to find out from my friends what had happened out in town, but then I thought it would probably be really embarrassing and so I didn’t want to know. In the end they told me a few things anyway; I had a little pole-dance with my (male) friend A in Reflex (cringe!), but not for long cos we apparently (and not surprisingly) got ‘weird looks’; my friend A got 6 girls to kiss me (on the cheek) but I apparently ‘wasn’t really interested’, even though I danced with one of them for a while. All in all, pretty embarrassing… I’m actually pretty glad I don’t remember it.

On another topic, J-O is coming back to the UK tomorrow to start her new au pair job, somewhere in Surrey. I haven’t talked to her for a while so I’m not sure exactly where it is (last time we talked, she didn’t know). I will call her tomorrow to check how she is. This is because (A) I do still worry about her (as a friend), especially considering how she disliked being an au pair last year, and now she’ll be doing it with a new family in a town/city she’s never been to before, and (B) because I am determined to ‘keep her sweet’ by acting all concerned and friendly so that she doesn’t try and worm her way out of her promise to come to my Grad Ball with me – I really don’t want to waste the £40 I spent on her ticket (it’s person-specific and non-transferable, you see).

Lastly, I’m not sure what to do with this blog. I’m not a teenager any more, and don’t want to confuse new readers by keeping blogging here. I may set up another blog, but I’m not sure that I will have much to blog about for a while. I dunno if to set it up soon and try and persuade my current subscribers to subscribe to my new blog and probably not post in it for a while, or wait until I have something to write about then set it up and post on here that I have a new blog. I also don’t want to lose the content though, so I will be keeping it up on WordPress whatever I do.

Although I’m not quite yet finished here, I’d still like to say: thanks for everything, loyal readers. It’s been an interesting journey…

An Incongruous Question

When I visited M the other weekend, she asked me a question. It was a question that puzzled me at the time but I’d forgotten to mention on here. It was question I did not want to answer, could not answer, and one she should not have asked.

She said to me: “J (her boyfriend and one of my best friends) said that he thought that you used to like me when I first came into the [friendship] group.” Then she asked me: “Is that true?”, quickly adding “you don’t have to answer if you don’t want, I’m just curious.”

Why would you ask such a question? Why would you expect an honest response to such a question?

I must confess that I did like her, actually for quite a long time, until the end of college (almost 2 years). I still kind of like her, actually. But at the same time I knew my place. J and M quickly got together, and I was happy for them. They were such a cute couple, and still are, and I think they will last a long time. I knew that I could not give in to my feelings, because it would be wrong to do so. I am not the type of person who would do that. I have quite a strong sense, especially for these times, of friendship, honor and chivalry. It forms a strong part of who I am. To not follow these ideals would give me no positives about myself to draw on. So, just like I could not show my feelings then, so I could not show my feelings now. I simply said to her “I can’t remember, it was so long ago”, and left it at that. She didn’t push it any further, and apologised for asking it.

Yet I still can’t understand why she would ask me this. For me to answer such a question does nobody any good. I have to keep my mouth shut, just like I had to keep those feelings shut up. No good can come of either.

Study: ‘Falling in love costs you friends’

A study has just come out, saying that falling in love costs you friends. It says that when you are in a relationship, your circle of close friends is reduced by two – one best friend is lost, and another replaced by your new lover (i.e your circle of best friends is reduced by one and another person is replaced with your boyfriend/girlfriend). This is concerning to me, especially with the upcoming arrival of J-O in a few months. In fact, it is a matter I have touched on about a year ago. I don’t want to lose any of my close friends. I know what it’s like to almost lose a friend when they fall in love – I don’t want to inflict that sort of pain when me and J-O get together. I know how much my friends get annoyed – and even angry – at how M and J withdrew into themselves when they started going out. We hardly ever saw them this summer.

I’m not going to let it get like that. I won’t not go to an event just because J-O can’t go. I won’t stop want to see my friends just so I can spend every minute of every day with J-O. People need to see more than one person for their emotional well-being. Not to mention that a relationship must surly stagnate if you’re around each other 24/7. I’m sure I can’t be the only one to feel this way.


I went clubbing for the second time ever on Tuesday. Yeah, you heard me. I’m 19, I’m a university student yet this is only the second time in my life I’ve been clubbing. I’ve just never really seen it as my type of thing. But Tuesday was great. It was for my friend J’s birthday, and we all met up at his house first for pre-drinks. I had a few beers and some apple sours, for which I was laughed at by one of my friends for supposedly being a ‘woman’s drink’, even though a male friend first introduced me to it. But I digress. Then we got a lift from several people into town.

We started off by going into Reflex to get stamped while it was free, then went into 90 Degrees to do the same, except we actually stayed there, for most of the night. I had a few more beers (somehow I wasn’t already that drunk, which is strange because I’m usually gone after 4 – 5 pints) and then J offered me a taste vodka and coke. Never having tried it before, but being told it was ‘very drinkable’ (I like coca-cola a lot) I decided to get one for myself. I immediately loved it. I had a few of those in 90 Degrees, and had a very good time dancing (well, slightly moving to the music – ‘dancing’ is a bit of an exaggeration) and drinking.

Towards the end we went into Reflex when I did almost what you might call dancing, as 80s music (it’s an 80s themed club) can be really catchy and make you want to dance along to them. The only downside was that they didn’t allow drinks on the ‘dancefloor’ (presumably because as a more dancing-orientated club with an actual ‘proper’ dancefloor, they suddenly need all these rules) so I was forced to simply watch my friends dancing from the sidelines if I wanted to drink. Reflex was the place where the ‘quote of the night’ was uttered, when J’s cousin (who was quite drunk by this point) looked at the glitterballs in the ceiling, saw the biggest one and said ‘That’s the biggest disco ball I’ve ever seen! It’s almost as big as the Death Star!’ which I, as a fellow Star Wars fan, couldn’t agree more with.

And that was pretty much it. The result of the night is that I now love vodka and coke and want to go into town with my friend’s more often. Probably won’t happen though. So my next club outing might not be for another year, or perhaps never. Oh well. At least I enjoyed that night.

I Wish I Could Just Get On A Plane…

Last night, when trying to get to sleep, I suddenly thought ‘I wish I could just get on a plane and visit her’. What probably prompted this thought was when my friend J said that him and M were going to visit Bulgaria and joked (I think it was a joke anyway) that I could come along with them and see J-O. However, looking back on it I’m not even sure he said that. The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that I dreamt he said that, or imagined it somehow. Anyway, I would love to visit her in Bulgaria. I have time – 3 months (from today) to be exact in which I could do it.

There are only several major problems with this idea. Firstly, how to explain about J-O to my parents and then convince them to go on my own or with J and M (if it turns out I didn’t dream J saying that). If that wasn’t difficult enough, I’d have to then organise it, spend lots of money on flights and converting currency to spend while I’m there. (Oh yeah and I’ve talked to J-O and she said I could stay at hers rather than stay in a hotel, so that would save a lot of money) And I’d have to ask work if they’d give me a week off, which I’m not sure they will do even though they’re always very accommodating.

And this is all presuming J-O’s parents can be convinced to let a-random-stranger-that-their-daughter-has-only-met-on-the-internet stay in their house, probably in her room(!),for a few days (not the whole week – J-O suggested we go away to the beach for a few days you see). Yeah, that sounds like an easy obstacle to get over. Not. (And similarly with my parents, letting their son go to a far-away country on his own to meet some random girl (who may not be who she says she is!).)

It’s a nice idea. But it’s never going to more than an idea, a pipe dream.

Great Day Watching England vs USA

The other day I said I would inform you about the epic time I had on Saturday. Here it is.

I arrived at about 5 at A’s house and had a beer, and soon J turned up as well. We had a few beers before the match, settling down to watch Total Wipeout. Finally the match started at 7:30pm. A then took out some Apple Sourz (15%, one of the strongest drinks I’ve drunk, I don’t get out much) and we decided that we’d each drink some every time Heskey made a mistake. So as a result it was half gone by the end of the disappointing first half. We then went out into the garden to do a keepy-up game, which I wasn’t good at. We went back and settled down to the second half, which proved to be just as disappointing as the first. We’d finished the Apple Sourz about 10 minutes before the end, along with the 4 beers we’d each drunk, but somehow we were remarkably sober. I was especially surprised at my sobriety, since usually after 4 beers alone I’m already well on my way to being drunk.

Then, as the sun was setting (as it was nearly 9pm by this time) we decided to head over to the local park for some football. After a while we could hardly see as it was getting so dark, so we headed back. When we got back we decided to stay the night. So first we watched HIGNFY and then at about 11pm we settled in to watch Die Hard 2. After that had finished, at 1:30am, we decided not to go to bed, but instead to break out Rollercoater Tycoon. That is still such a fun and addictive game, and we played it until about 3:30am, at which point we decided to get to sleep – just as the ‘dawn chorus’ was starting.

We woke up at 10am the next morning (we’d set the alarm on my phone for 10) and decided immediately after breakfast to go play some more football down the park. We played one-on-one against each other, with the other person being the goalie, taking it in turns. Then we decided to play a penalty shoot-0ut game, which I turned out to be fantastic at (shooting, not saving; I was awful at that) and I had by far the best ratio of goals. I always shot one way, but always managed to make the keeper think I was going the other way. Then we went back for lunch, as it was about 1pm by this time. After that we all went our separate ways (that is to say, we went back home lol) and decided that for each England match we would go to each other’s house to watch them. The next one is Friday at J’s, I can’t wait.

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