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Travel Plans Progressing

I posted a few weeks ago about how I want to do a bit of travelling. Well, in my last ever uni seminar the other day, during the break, somebody mentioned that there are cheap coaches to several European cities from London. I mentioned this on my Facebook to see if any of my friends wanted to go. Well, J-R posted a comment saying she’d like to go again (she’s been before) with me and M. I asked if she would be willing to do it with some of my other friends too but she didn’t respond.

Well, today I started talking to J-R on fb chat and I slowly steered the conversation towards discussing it. I asked if she was serious and she said yes. I asked who she wanted to go with and she said M and J-A (M’s boyfriend and one of my best friends). I asked J-R if she wanted to invite her boyfriend and she said:

nah coz he lives in kent
we arnt mega mega close
not like [J-A & M]

So, if this does happen, it will be just me, J-R, who by the sounds of it won’t be with her boyfriend by that time, and M and J-A. i.e. a couple and me and her, two single people. If that doesn’t sound like a trip engineered for something to possibly happen between me and J-R, I dunno what is. Okay, maybe I’m overthinking it. Maybe it’s just innocent. But I can’t help feeling slightly hopeful…


Holiday Observances and Happenings

Is observances even a word? Anyway, this is just an amalgamation of funny events or things I thought about on holiday.

3rd, Wed: As I was swimming in the pool I noticed two people about to get into the pool. One was a woman in her early twenties, at a guess. But she didn’t have a bikini top on. She was just standing there, with her boyfriend (I assumed), topless. It was strange because, in my previous experiences, only old women are topless at the pool, but even then only when sunbathing. Maybe she’d forgotten, or somehow lost, her top. That’s the only explanation I can come up with. Anyway, she got in the pool but, after less than 1 min, she got out again. Perhaps she realised she attention she was getting and thought better of it. I wouldn’t blame her. What a strange thing to do.

4th, Thurs: The little birds around the swimming pool seem remarkably brave. They still fly away if you make any sudden movements, but they are not at all scared of coming quite close to people otherwise. They are so cute.

5th, Fri: The amount of young girls in bikini-type thing is quite shocking to me. Maybe it’s my Conservative side showing through, but it doesn’t seem right to have them in that type of clothing at that age. I can’t help but think it’s making it seem to them later that it is natural and acceptable that to bear as much skin as possible, indoctrinating them with the norms of oversexualised modern society. Call me old-fashioned, but it does not seem right to me.

7th, Sun: We’ve had one or two fighter jets fly overhead before, but nothing like just now. About 6 or 8 just flew over our campsite, in formation, and they seemed quite low. I keep thinking they might be going to Libya, but then I remember that NATO is operating out of Italy, not France.
Also, I found out today that somehow, on my phone when I’m listening to music, a photo of J-O comes up as album art on a few random songs. So annoying when I’m really trying to keep my mind off her (though failing).

9th, Tues: Found another song with a picture of *her* on it; More Than A Feeling by Boston.
Looking at older women’s boobs at the pool is almost enough to put this guy off boobs completely. Almost.

8th, Weds: Somebody pooed in the kids pool apparently.

11th, Thurs: Today we decided to visit Spain as we were really near the border. On the way back into France, we saw girls sitting beside the road. We thought it was strange but didn’t really think about it. Once we got into the commercial center near the border (on the Spanish side), we noticed other women standing beside the road, wearing very nice – and sexy – clothes. Only then did we realise they were prostitutes. I think their main *ahem* customers are the truckers that obviously pass through the area constantly. The ones in the commercial center were very nice, but the ones further out of town, they were not so nice. Erm, for those who’d like to know, this is the place. lol.

13th, Sat: Last day. At the pool, I noticed a young couple nearby, and at one point the girl was clearly rubbing her boyfriend’s, *ahem*, crotch area, both through and inside his shorts. Quite unsettling. Lucky bastard though.

14th, Sun: I noticed lots of litter at Calais while I was waiting for the ferry. Made me ashamed to be British.

Off On Holiday

This week has been one of the best weeks of any summer – I’ve met up with my friends practically every day, either relaxing in the local park, having drinks in the local pub or having drinks at my house (one night only, that was though). It’s the simple things that are the most enjoyable, I find.

Anyway, on to the main subject of this post: my holiday.

At 2am UK time tomorrow, I will be getting up to go on holiday to the (very) south of France. The place we’re staying is on the Med, don’t you know! We’re staying at a campsite, not in a tent but in one of those big, fancy caravans (this kind of thing). We have to get up so early because we’re going by car. We’ve got a journey of around 15 hours, via Dover-Calais. That’s going to be fun. Not.

But once that’s over we have the sun-kissed beaches (and swimming pools) and great weather (almost always) of southern France. I’ll be glad to get away from thinking about the whole J-O situation. Having said that, being in sunny southern France means I’ll be surrounded by hot girls in bikinis, which is a different form of torture – sometimes at least. As long as I don’t think about how I have no chance of getting a girl like that, I can sit back and enjoy just watching them.

Yes, it sounds a bit pervy but it’s what all guys do on holiday, lets face it. Why do you think we insist on wearing sunglasses? It’s not to protect ourselves from the glare of the sun, but to be able to look at whoever we want without them knowing where we’re looking.

I’ve got lots of books from the library to keep me occupied during long sessions by the pool, at the beach or in the car when going places, as well as my GameBoy Advance SP (it’s nice and simple gaming; I usually play Tetris) and my laptop, should I get bored of hanging around by the pool with my family (which I often do eventually), with a few DVDs and games to play on it.

Anyway, I’ll be glad to be getting away from having to worry about J-O, to get a tan (although I’m not really bothered about such things), to be able to relax and have a pleasant time.

Back From Holiday

The other day I got back from our family holiday in France, the Ardèche to be exact. I think it will be my last family holiday. It was about an 11 hour journey in the car, and seemed even more unbearable this year. It was even worse going back, we got stuck in Lyon for about an hour with the traffic hardly moving. For about 30 minutes the traffic literally didn’t move one inch. Not to mention I’m not really a person to sit by the pool all holiday (which is pretty much what we do) and I can’t stand when it’s far too hot (it was 35 degrees some days) and you can’t really do anything in the day and can’t get to sleep at night.

So next time I will probably stay home when my family go on holiday. I think it would be great, because I will be free from them for two weeks, getting the experience of living on my own and it means I can have as many people as I like come over, perhaps one person every day or something. And I can have a party or two. Not a free-for-all type affair, like my idiotic peers have, but a normal one like I’ve had before. Except more people can stay over if they want (providing they don’t mind sleeping on sofas, which in my experience they don’t). It’ll be great.

But it’s a year away. Well, a person has to have some dreams, no matter how small.

Back From Holiday

Well, I’m back from holiday now. I went to the Isle of Wight with some friends for a week, renting a house out in Cowes. It was great fun. We managed to organise it pretty well, and there was only 1 argument during the whole trip, which was unpleasant but soon forgotten about. At the end my friends thanked me for organising such a great trip. We watched the awful England match together and couldn’t believe what happened. We also watched a lot of the other matches, and couldn’t believe when the Netherlands knocked out Brazil.

We visited most of the major towns on the island: Newport, Ryde and Yarmouth. We also visited several attractions, including The Needles and the Isle of Wight Military History Museum, where they had a tank display going on. I took about 200 pictures while we were there and also took about 4 mins of video of the tank display. Unfortunately, when I tried to upload it to Facebook, my internet provider kept cutting off my upload after about 25MB. Click on the ‘read more’ link for pictures.

Read more…

I Wish I Could Just Get On A Plane…

Last night, when trying to get to sleep, I suddenly thought ‘I wish I could just get on a plane and visit her’. What probably prompted this thought was when my friend J said that him and M were going to visit Bulgaria and joked (I think it was a joke anyway) that I could come along with them and see J-O. However, looking back on it I’m not even sure he said that. The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that I dreamt he said that, or imagined it somehow. Anyway, I would love to visit her in Bulgaria. I have time – 3 months (from today) to be exact in which I could do it.

There are only several major problems with this idea. Firstly, how to explain about J-O to my parents and then convince them to go on my own or with J and M (if it turns out I didn’t dream J saying that). If that wasn’t difficult enough, I’d have to then organise it, spend lots of money on flights and converting currency to spend while I’m there. (Oh yeah and I’ve talked to J-O and she said I could stay at hers rather than stay in a hotel, so that would save a lot of money) And I’d have to ask work if they’d give me a week off, which I’m not sure they will do even though they’re always very accommodating.

And this is all presuming J-O’s parents can be convinced to let a-random-stranger-that-their-daughter-has-only-met-on-the-internet stay in their house, probably in her room(!),for a few days (not the whole week – J-O suggested we go away to the beach for a few days you see). Yeah, that sounds like an easy obstacle to get over. Not. (And similarly with my parents, letting their son go to a far-away country on his own to meet some random girl (who may not be who she says she is!).)

It’s a nice idea. But it’s never going to more than an idea, a pipe dream.

A Girl I Met On Holiday

I’ve never really talked to anyone about this before. In fact, I don’t think about it much myself – not much reason to really. But I remembered about it when talking to one of my friends about childhood, a subject which, as you may know, I have a particular preoccupation with. It’s about a girl I met on holiday.

When I was about seven or eight, me and my family went on holiday, in France, in St Jean-de-Monts. We spent it at a camp-site in a caravan (not a towed caravan or camper-van that is, a proper big caravan, you know, the ones they have permanently at these sites. While I was there me and my siblings made friends with this girl that was in another caravan across the road.

It’s kinda embarrassing, to be honest. I clearer liked her – we have a video of me saying “I met a pretty girl” (cringe!). However, given my age that was possibly more a statement of fact rather than that I found her attractive. Nevertheless, we exchanged details and she sent me a letter and a picture of herself. Her name was Narelle (or it could be Norell) and I think she was a few years older than me.

Being a seven or eight year old with friends now I was back home, I evidently lost interest – I’m not sure I even replied to her letter. I even lost the letter and the photo. But I didn’t forget exactly. This was mostly because my Dad, for years afterwards, whenever we talked about girls, used to mention her, using the witty phrase “Narelle, Narelle, bloomin’ hell” (how very droll). But I didn’t really think about her again, properly, until now.

I did try to find her on Facebook once, but with little to go on except her first name, it was a fruitless search. I’d like to contact her again, see if she remembers me. She probably wouldn’t. I mean, I don’t really remember her, it was only the video that kept her in my memory, really. But it would be nice to catch up – well, to get to know each other, again. I know it seems silly, but I’d like to know what she is doing now. I’d really like to find that photo and letter, to try and get some leads. But I fear to mention it to my parents, since my Dad’s reaction would probably be the same, even now, so many years later. I also suspect that it would not give me any real clues as to how to find her again, and would only lead to disappointment. I also wonder if we even have it any more.

If nothing else, I would like to read the letter and see the picture, to cherish it as a lost piece of my childhood rediscovered. If possible, I would like to try and contact her again. I know it’s silly, but it is something I want to do. One day soon I will pluck up the courage to try and find it, to try and reconnect with a bit of my past I have lost, and some time soon. I can only hope that I find it, and I find her. If you’re out there, Narelle, I will try and find you. One day.

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