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Off On Holiday

This week has been one of the best weeks of any summer – I’ve met up with my friends practically every day, either relaxing in the local park, having drinks in the local pub or having drinks at my house (one night only, that was though). It’s the simple things that are the most enjoyable, I find.

Anyway, on to the main subject of this post: my holiday.

At 2am UK time tomorrow, I will be getting up to go on holiday to the (very) south of France. The place we’re staying is on the Med, don’t you know! We’re staying at a campsite, not in a tent but in one of those big, fancy caravans (this kind of thing). We have to get up so early because we’re going by car. We’ve got a journey of around 15 hours, via Dover-Calais. That’s going to be fun. Not.

But once that’s over we have the sun-kissed beaches (and swimming pools) and great weather (almost always) of southern France. I’ll be glad to get away from thinking about the whole J-O situation. Having said that, being in sunny southern France means I’ll be surrounded by hot girls in bikinis, which is a different form of torture – sometimes at least. As long as I don’t think about how I have no chance of getting a girl like that, I can sit back and enjoy just watching them.

Yes, it sounds a bit pervy but it’s what all guys do on holiday, lets face it. Why do you think we insist on wearing sunglasses? It’s not to protect ourselves from the glare of the sun, but to be able to look at whoever we want without them knowing where we’re looking.

I’ve got lots of books from the library to keep me occupied during long sessions by the pool, at the beach or in the car when going places, as well as my GameBoy Advance SP (it’s nice and simple gaming; I usually play Tetris) and my laptop, should I get bored of hanging around by the pool with my family (which I often do eventually), with a few DVDs and games to play on it.

Anyway, I’ll be glad to be getting away from having to worry about J-O, to get a tan (although I’m not really bothered about such things), to be able to relax and have a pleasant time.


Back From Holiday

The other day I got back from our family holiday in France, the Ardèche to be exact. I think it will be my last family holiday. It was about an 11 hour journey in the car, and seemed even more unbearable this year. It was even worse going back, we got stuck in Lyon for about an hour with the traffic hardly moving. For about 30 minutes the traffic literally didn’t move one inch. Not to mention I’m not really a person to sit by the pool all holiday (which is pretty much what we do) and I can’t stand when it’s far too hot (it was 35 degrees some days) and you can’t really do anything in the day and can’t get to sleep at night.

So next time I will probably stay home when my family go on holiday. I think it would be great, because I will be free from them for two weeks, getting the experience of living on my own and it means I can have as many people as I like come over, perhaps one person every day or something. And I can have a party or two. Not a free-for-all type affair, like my idiotic peers have, but a normal one like I’ve had before. Except more people can stay over if they want (providing they don’t mind sleeping on sofas, which in my experience they don’t). It’ll be great.

But it’s a year away. Well, a person has to have some dreams, no matter how small.

The Belgium Trip

This is another post in a series, about my secondary school experiences. This is about when we went on a trip to the battlefields of France and Belgium in Year 10, and is an unusual post as it is almost completely positive.

We took the Dover-to-Calais ferry over to France on a coach. The ferry trip was entertaining because one of my friends kept complaining about feeling sea-sick so we kept ribbing him about that. When we were on the coach (I’m not sure when it exactly developed) some of my classmates asked what the driver’s name was, and he said it was Tony. From then on, every time went in the coach everyone would chant “Tony, give us a wave! Tony, Tony, give us a wave!”. Tony would wave, and everyone would cheer. It soon developed further than that, with people chanting “Tony, tell us a joke, Tony, Tony, tell us a joke!” and “Tony is a legend, Tony is a legend, na na na na! Na na na na!”. Eventually, they adapted the Southampton signature chant to go “Should I be Tony, or should I be Hall (one of the teachers), this’ what she to me, ‘wash your mouth out son, and get your father’s gun, and shoot the Hall-y scum, and support Tony”. That was so funny, I was in stiches.

But the more important thing for me was the various battlefields and memorials we visited. We visited the Vimy Ridge battlefield, but didn’t go to see the memorial, but was very interesting because of the preserved trenches. We visited the Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial, which contains the infamous danger tree (although not the original), which was particularly moving. We also visited the Thiepval Memorial, which was so large, with so many names, that you help but be moved looking at it. The most important place we visited though, was the Menin Gate, where we saw a march of veterans e.t.c and heard the Last Post. It is such a moving event, I almost cried. I recommend everyone should visit there at least once in their lifetime.

A Girl I Met On Holiday

I’ve never really talked to anyone about this before. In fact, I don’t think about it much myself – not much reason to really. But I remembered about it when talking to one of my friends about childhood, a subject which, as you may know, I have a particular preoccupation with. It’s about a girl I met on holiday.

When I was about seven or eight, me and my family went on holiday, in France, in St Jean-de-Monts. We spent it at a camp-site in a caravan (not a towed caravan or camper-van that is, a proper big caravan, you know, the ones they have permanently at these sites. While I was there me and my siblings made friends with this girl that was in another caravan across the road.

It’s kinda embarrassing, to be honest. I clearer liked her – we have a video of me saying “I met a pretty girl” (cringe!). However, given my age that was possibly more a statement of fact rather than that I found her attractive. Nevertheless, we exchanged details and she sent me a letter and a picture of herself. Her name was Narelle (or it could be Norell) and I think she was a few years older than me.

Being a seven or eight year old with friends now I was back home, I evidently lost interest – I’m not sure I even replied to her letter. I even lost the letter and the photo. But I didn’t forget exactly. This was mostly because my Dad, for years afterwards, whenever we talked about girls, used to mention her, using the witty phrase “Narelle, Narelle, bloomin’ hell” (how very droll). But I didn’t really think about her again, properly, until now.

I did try to find her on Facebook once, but with little to go on except her first name, it was a fruitless search. I’d like to contact her again, see if she remembers me. She probably wouldn’t. I mean, I don’t really remember her, it was only the video that kept her in my memory, really. But it would be nice to catch up – well, to get to know each other, again. I know it seems silly, but I’d like to know what she is doing now. I’d really like to find that photo and letter, to try and get some leads. But I fear to mention it to my parents, since my Dad’s reaction would probably be the same, even now, so many years later. I also suspect that it would not give me any real clues as to how to find her again, and would only lead to disappointment. I also wonder if we even have it any more.

If nothing else, I would like to read the letter and see the picture, to cherish it as a lost piece of my childhood rediscovered. If possible, I would like to try and contact her again. I know it’s silly, but it is something I want to do. One day soon I will pluck up the courage to try and find it, to try and reconnect with a bit of my past I have lost, and some time soon. I can only hope that I find it, and I find her. If you’re out there, Narelle, I will try and find you. One day.

Offending Two Friends In Two Days – Impressively Bad

I’ve managed to offend two of my friends in so many days. I think that’s impressivly bad.

One was on MSN, when I was asked somebody how they were. They said “not well”,  at which point I made a joke about them having swine flu. She then turn around and say ‘no, my friend just died of it’. I just thought “oh, f**k”. I said sorry but it was pretty bad, considering that if I’d looked at her personal message (the thing below the username) it said about her friends death. That wasn’t good at all.

The other was when I left a message on a friends voicemail when I was drunk about them never checking texts or Facebook . I apologised a few days later, but before that I’d already wrote a similar thing on one of their facebook wall posts from someone else. Today I just received a facebook message from her that sounded like she was just about ready to call time on our friendship. I send a long-winded apology in reply to her message straight away but from tomorrow she’s away in France for two weeks, so she won’t get it until at least then (does that sentance even make sense?). I really can’t believe how stupid I was, and now I may have just lost one of my best friends. Dammit!

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