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An Unusually Good Night

I went out in Portsmouth last night and finally went to a club there. It was really good but the music was a lot louder than in the Southampton clubs I usually go to, which was kind of annoying. Also all who came except one friend of mine disappeared shortly after midnight, and we left around 1am. It was unusually good because for the first time in ages I’ve gone out and not felt like leaving towards the end of the night because I was feeling lonely.

In fact, it was only when I woke up this morning and looked at my phone that I got any such feelings. Why? Because there was a txt on there from J-O, sent at 3am. It just said “I’m drunk and I miss you”. Well, I say such feelings, but actually even after I saw that I didn’t actually feel sad or anything about it. All I txted back was “Aww my angel, sorry I didn’t see your txt until now. Hope you’re ok (hug)”. The only thing I thought about it was that perhaps she does still have some romantic feelings lurking around. Then I thought it was probably only just a friendly missing of me. Then I thought it was probably just cos she was drunk and lonely, not because she was actually missing me in any way. My mind entertained possibilities that she’d suddenly say she wants me back, but I didn’t take it seriously. In fact, while I was waiting for the train to go back to Southampton, I looked back at her txt and thought wittily to myself; “she was drunk and she missed me? I should have txted back ‘I was drunk and I didn’t miss you’, for once! Maybe I’m finally getting over her.”

It was great that I didn’t think about her at all last night. Maybe I am managing to move on after all…


Last night = good night

Last night I went clubbing in town for my friend’s birthday, the first time I’ve been clubbing in ages. I got pretty drunk and had a lot of fun.
We went to 90 Degrees then Reflex as we always do. Most of my friends left before the end though, leaving just me and 2 other – male – friends. They both pulled. One of them is quite shy and socially awkward, more than me, so that was brilliant. I congratulated him several times (right in front of the girl he pulled lol). I felt kind of left out but was too excited for my friend to fully realise it. I texted J-O that out of my friends that were left I was the only one not kissing anybody, as she replied “sorry :/”. That was pleasantly surprising. I had texted her earlier to say I wished she was with me, and she’d said she did too, which was nice.
When I got home I called her and had a little chat, though I don’t really remember what I said. I cried a little afterwards as I finally realised how alone I felt. I couldn’t believe that somebody shier than me could pull a girl in a club when I can’t. I’m feeling ok about it now though, because my sober self long ago made peace with the fact I will never pull a girl at a club. Or anywhere…

Rubbish Nights Out

The other day I went out with a friend to town (along with 4 of his friends). We kept moving from place to place, staying less than an hour in each one, just drinking and talking a little. In the third place we went to, we met this two 25-year-olds who were a couple and we went to 2 other places with them. All my friend’s friend’s were guys, not good-looking ones at that, it was so depressing to see them all dancing with just this one woman there, often dancing quite close, when her boyfriend was right there. It was strange.

I seriously have no idea why I ever go out to town with this friend. Every time it’s the same: we go to a few clubs, drink, dance a bit with him and his friends, they try pathetically to hit on women, and after a while I give up and leave. From now on I won’t ever go out with him to town, no matter how many times he asks. It’s just so pointless just to get drunk for the sake of it and not have much fun.

Bloody hell I wish I had a girlfriend…

What Did I Do To Deserve This Life

What did I do to deserve this life. Oh yeah, I was just myself. How the world hates that. Sometimes I think we should bring back modest clothing and arranged marriages. F**k sake. Why do girls have to be so sexy? Why do they have to wear such revealing clothing when they are out on the town, that torments and tortures all guys who have no chance in hell of ever coming even within 10 feet of them? Why the hell am I this shy, why can’t I go out to town and get with some random girl? Why, when I’m nearly 20, have I never even held hands with a girl, never mind anything else? Why do women find me so repulsive and uninteresting? Why am I so repulsive and uninteresting? Why doesn’t ‘being yourself’ actually count for f**k all in the real world? Maybe I should resort to internet dating. Maybe I should go to a strip club or pay for a prostitute. Or maybe I should just throw in the towel. Anything to get me away from this torment. I wish there was so such thing as sex or girls.

Funny Female Thoughts

It’s strange, when you’re sitting down somewhere and you can clearly hear them talking, you can’t help but listen. This isn’t always a good thing – like when I overheard this woman arguing with her boyfriend over him wanting to go beat-up one of her ex’s – but sometimes it can be quite funny.

Take today for example. I was in a lecture and there were these girls sitting in the row behind me. I could clearly hear them talking about the merits and downsides of going out and drinking. But then one of them said, when talking about ’embarrassing things’ or similar when drunk, that “I hold the view that if you don’t remember it, then it didn’t happen”. And I just thought, ‘yeah, I bet if your mind you still consider yourself a virgin!’.

What a stupid thing to say…

Third Clubbing Experience

Well I’ve now been clubbing a total of three times! Isn’t it so rebellious and amazing of me? That’s just how I roll! But seriously, I am beginning to enjoy it more and want to do it more. On Tuesday (student night here in Southampton) me and some friends met at my house for some pre-drinks then went on to town. By the end of the pre-drinks I was already fairly drunk and, as such, ready and raring for town.

Unfortunately, because we walked from my house we got there after 10pm and so had to pay to get in to the clubs. Luckily it only costs a few quid even when you have to pay. I went to get a drink and I got this really bitchy girl behind the bar that told me off for forgetting to say ‘please’. I never expected to get tips on politeness from somebody working in a place where people get pissed and get off with random girls. Geeez. Later on one of my friends tried to get me with some girls, but I turned away because I have J-O and besides, they probably wouldn’t like me anyway so it didn’t matter.

Then we moved onto Reflex where I received another random telling-off from a bouncer, who claimed I ‘didn’t look like I understood a word he was telling me’ when he didn’t hear me respond to his question about if I had my student ID. He then decided to give me a talking-to as if I had done something wrong, declaring that he ‘didn’t want any trouble’ from me and that if I started ‘swaying around all over the place’ then I would be thrown out. What a complete dickhead. But then I suppose all bouncers are. Anyway, once I was (finally) let inside after insisting I was fine (which I was, he was just deaf as a doorpost) I had a pretty good time. Reflex is great if you go there near the end of the night because you and everybody else are so drunk that you don’t care that you’re dancing to really cheesy 80s music (it’s an 80s themed club) and have such a fun time. At one point me and my friends even ended up on the stage-y bit and danced there, which I never thought I would see myself doing. I suppose anything is possible when you’re pissed. Most of your inhibitions leave you, something I desperately (as any regular reader will know) need.


I went clubbing for the second time ever on Tuesday. Yeah, you heard me. I’m 19, I’m a university student yet this is only the second time in my life I’ve been clubbing. I’ve just never really seen it as my type of thing. But Tuesday was great. It was for my friend J’s birthday, and we all met up at his house first for pre-drinks. I had a few beers and some apple sours, for which I was laughed at by one of my friends for supposedly being a ‘woman’s drink’, even though a male friend first introduced me to it. But I digress. Then we got a lift from several people into town.

We started off by going into Reflex to get stamped while it was free, then went into 90 Degrees to do the same, except we actually stayed there, for most of the night. I had a few more beers (somehow I wasn’t already that drunk, which is strange because I’m usually gone after 4 – 5 pints) and then J offered me a taste vodka and coke. Never having tried it before, but being told it was ‘very drinkable’ (I like coca-cola a lot) I decided to get one for myself. I immediately loved it. I had a few of those in 90 Degrees, and had a very good time dancing (well, slightly moving to the music – ‘dancing’ is a bit of an exaggeration) and drinking.

Towards the end we went into Reflex when I did almost what you might call dancing, as 80s music (it’s an 80s themed club) can be really catchy and make you want to dance along to them. The only downside was that they didn’t allow drinks on the ‘dancefloor’ (presumably because as a more dancing-orientated club with an actual ‘proper’ dancefloor, they suddenly need all these rules) so I was forced to simply watch my friends dancing from the sidelines if I wanted to drink. Reflex was the place where the ‘quote of the night’ was uttered, when J’s cousin (who was quite drunk by this point) looked at the glitterballs in the ceiling, saw the biggest one and said ‘That’s the biggest disco ball I’ve ever seen! It’s almost as big as the Death Star!’ which I, as a fellow Star Wars fan, couldn’t agree more with.

And that was pretty much it. The result of the night is that I now love vodka and coke and want to go into town with my friend’s more often. Probably won’t happen though. So my next club outing might not be for another year, or perhaps never. Oh well. At least I enjoyed that night.

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