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A Big Boost

You know I said yesterday that I was feeling in a bad mood? Well that continued into today. Well, it continued until I talked to J-O (previously known as ‘that Bulgarian girl‘ on here) on Facebook Chat. You see, part of the reason I was a bit depressed yesterday was that I hadn’t talked to her in a few days – I missed her. So, as you can imagine, it gave me a big boost when she said, on Facebook Chat, that “i miss you, the chatting with you”. She’s so sweet! 😀

Sounds stupid doesn’t it? We miss each other because we’ve not spoken for a few days. I get ‘depressed’ partially because of it. Yet we’ve never met and, hell, I’m still not entirely sure if she does actually like me in that way. I think I’m in love. Silly, isn’t it?


Spring Clean

Today I thought I’d write and surprisingly normal and everyday (read that as boring lol) post. I did some spring cleaning in my room today. Not that it felt like spring here in Southampton today, what with it raining most of the day. But anyway, clean so I (well, and my mum) did.

Recently we got new sofas and one of the smaller old ones ended up in my room, because (a) we didn’t manage to sell any of them so thought one might as well be used, and (b) because the chair I had in my room is the most uncomfortable thing imaginable, as it was metal, also doubled as a single bed and the big cushion which basically covered the frame was so flat that it was hardly like it existed at all when you were sitting on it – you could feel the metal bars underneath. But to make the old sofa, which was green, look better and fit into the colour scheme of my room better, we dyed it blue. It does look quite good in here now (I’m sitting on it as I’m writing this) and should be good for when I have friends over (we can sit together) and also for if, when she comes over, that Bulgarian girl I like goes into a relationship with me then we can cuddle up on it while watching TV or whatever. 🙂

And yeah I really need to come up with a easier way to refer to her, I know. I’ll come up with one by the next post about her, hopefully.

Quick Little Note II

When I was talking to her the other day I was helping her with her personal statement. I was asking about a particular point she was making and to explain it she said: “When i speak to you, you help me to be more ambitious, to believe in myself and make my wish to study in England stronger”. A while after that she said how she didn’t want to go to sleep soon (because Bulgaria is two hours ahead of Britain) and I took that (perhaps erroneously) as she was disappointed that she had to go to sleep, that she would have liked to talked to me longer. Also, near the end, she said “thanks you are good person 🙂 ” and I replied “you’re pretty nice yourself 🙂 “. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I can’t help it. She’s so nice 😀

A Whole Month!

I’ve been talking to that Bulgarian girl for a month now. It’s funny – in a way, I’ve felt like I’ve known her much longer (I probably have this feeling because I like her, a lot) but at the same, it feels like I haven’t known her that long at all. It’s going to be tough, I think, to manage to keep a cool head over the next six months before she comes over, try not to say anything too rash, try not to lose her interest, or put her off.

I’m still very much taken by her, but I hope I myself don’t lose interest in her by the time she comes over. I actually do think she likes me though, now, although there are still some doubts lingering in the back of my mind. I suppose all I can do is see how it plays out. But I really hope she can make it over here, and hope when she does I can get into the position where I can ask her out, and that she’ll say yes.

The next six months may be torture. Or they may go quickly. I hope for the latter. I can’t wait to see her! 🙂

She’s Driving Me Crazy… In A Good Way

I’ve moved into a sort of crazy mega-crush stage about that Bulgarian girl over the past few days, as you can probably tell from my recent posts. She’s just so nice, and cute, and pretty and… arg I think I’m actually going mad! I know it’s stupid; that I’ve only just met her a few weeks ago, that I’ve never met her in person, only talked to her online and stuff. But she’s always so nice to me, she seems to like me, if the endless emoticons, generally how she acts towards me and the nice stuff she says to me is anything to go by.

I know I’ve got to keep a cool head. I know I’ve got 6 months to go before she gets here (if she gets here at all) and probably even longer before we hook up (providing she feels the way I do). But at the moment, I can’t help it – I’m crushing, like mad. But in many ways it is good, because I haven’t felt this happy in a long time.

More Good News

I’m a bit surer that that Bulgarian girl likes me now. Two days ago, when we were talking on Skype, she asked me what I was doing. Funnily enough, at the time I was actually talking to E about how I fancied her. (E was very happy for me, she was like “aww”.) I thought about saying “oh, just talking to a friend on MSN”, but then I had a good idea. I said I was talking to a friend on MSN, but then said I was talking about her. Naturally, she asked what I said, and I simply replied “about how u contacted me and how nice you are and stuff”. I eagerly awaiting how she would respond to this. She said “ I am glad that you think it about me and I feel the same.” I just thought “wow she said she feels the same way” 😀 😀 Of course it’s not like she directly says she likes me in that way, but it’s a good start 🙂 She wasn’t online last night though and I was quite disappointed. One of my friends asked “missing her? lol” and I was like, “a bit :oops:”

EDIT: I only just received a message from her that she apparently sent yesterday that I didn’t get, it was really sweet. She said:
[my name] just to tell you
good night and
sweet  dreams
have a good day

Disappointingly, however, I realised yesterday that September is still 6 months away 😦 Even if she does like me now, I hope she doesn’t lose interest by then 😦

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