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21 & Other Things

I turned 21 last week. I don’t feel that different, but I begin to feel old when I realise that I was last technically a teenager over a year ago now. I still feel like a teenager. I celebrated my birthday with a load of my friends. First they came to my house for pre-drinks and then we went into town. I couldn’t remember much after we left my house though. I blame my friend J, because he made me have a shot of absinthe shortly before we left for town – I think that put me ‘over the edge’.

I thought initially that I wanted to find out from my friends what had happened out in town, but then I thought it would probably be really embarrassing and so I didn’t want to know. In the end they told me a few things anyway; I had a little pole-dance with my (male) friend A in Reflex (cringe!), but not for long cos we apparently (and not surprisingly) got ‘weird looks’; my friend A got 6 girls to kiss me (on the cheek) but I apparently ‘wasn’t really interested’, even though I danced with one of them for a while. All in all, pretty embarrassing… I’m actually pretty glad I don’t remember it.

On another topic, J-O is coming back to the UK tomorrow to start her new au pair job, somewhere in Surrey. I haven’t talked to her for a while so I’m not sure exactly where it is (last time we talked, she didn’t know). I will call her tomorrow to check how she is. This is because (A) I do still worry about her (as a friend), especially considering how she disliked being an au pair last year, and now she’ll be doing it with a new family in a town/city she’s never been to before, and (B) because I am determined to ‘keep her sweet’ by acting all concerned and friendly so that she doesn’t try and worm her way out of her promise to come to my Grad Ball with me – I really don’t want to waste the £40 I spent on her ticket (it’s person-specific and non-transferable, you see).

Lastly, I’m not sure what to do with this blog. I’m not a teenager any more, and don’t want to confuse new readers by keeping blogging here. I may set up another blog, but I’m not sure that I will have much to blog about for a while. I dunno if to set it up soon and try and persuade my current subscribers to subscribe to my new blog and probably not post in it for a while, or wait until I have something to write about then set it up and post on here that I have a new blog. I also don’t want to lose the content though, so I will be keeping it up on WordPress whatever I do.

Although I’m not quite yet finished here, I’d still like to say: thanks for everything, loyal readers. It’s been an interesting journey…


A Few Friend Things

Yesterday I watched the England vs France match with a few of my friends during which we got fairly drunk (I got quite drunk) and afterwards we started playing ‘I have never’. This is kinda an easy game for me to play cos I haven’t really done anything; I could basically say “I have never done x sexual thing’ and they’d have to drink and I wouldn’t. So during the course of this my friends said that they were determined to get me laid for the first time during my 21st birthday celebrations next week – they even suggested we all get hotel rooms so we have somewhere other than home to take girls back to. It was a strange thing to suggest but I doubt it will happen anyway.

During this drinking session my friends revealed something I didn’t know about myself; apparently I’m a “touchy-feely drunk”. I knew I was a ‘huggy drunk’, but I didn’t know I was actually a bit more than huggy, but ‘touchy-feely’. According to them, once, when I was drunk when they and another one of my friends, E, was here, and I tried to touch her boobs, full-on, with-both-hands style. This doesn’t seem like something I would ever do, but I suppose drink can make people do uncharacteristic things. On a similar note, I started chatting to one of my blog followers who I’ve got to know via msn and fb on Whatsapp after all my friends had gone home, and she asked me if I was “feeling needy?”. I’m not quite sure what she meant but I took it to be negative, I dunno, like when I’m drunk I begin to crave the attention of the opposite sex, or are only interested in talking to her when I’m drunk and feeling horny or something? God knows. This morning I asked her to explain what she meant but she said she was busy and would do so later. That’ll be interesting…

As one of my friends recently broke up with his girlfriend he also suggested that we could go out ‘on the pull’ together, that I could be his ‘wingman’. It’s funny actually, since he broke up with his girlfriend he’s been really keen to meet up, socialise etc with me, much more than any of my other friends. When we were talking about the break-up he actually said he was kinda glad, cos when he looked back on their relationship he felt like he was doing all the giving and she was doing all the taking. It’s a shame about them, but it’s nice to have my friend back.

On an unrelated note, my parents are getting quite desperate about booking a summer holiday, they’re now even considering Bulgaria, since I mentioned I was looking to go with J-O a while ago.

The Lamest 21st Ever?

I forgot to post about it on here but the other week I went to what has got to be the worst 21st birthday party ever. It was my cousin’s, who’s wedding to his girlfriend is upcoming. Background: He is an nice guy and he comes from a Protestant family (most of our family is Catholic) who are involved in a local church. So, the actual party.

It took place in his local church hall. It was attended by many people, of which only about 5 were his age, the rest being family members, most of them over 50 (along with a few young children). For the first hour or two the vicar was also in attendance! There was a DJ (playing almost exclusively songs from the 1970s and 1980s) which only managed to attract a few kids and, later on in the evening, a few drunken ladies.

I was so glad I went…

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Awesome Next Few Days

The next few days are going to be great. I’m going over to a friend’s house tonight, a few of us are going to have a few beers and sleep over, then we’re getting up and going to London to the Hard Rock Calling festival in Hyde Park. J-O has moved on from the second family but is not yet with a third, so she may meet me at the station and have lunch with us (unfortunately she doesn’t have the money to go to it with us, even though I offered to pay half the money), which would be great considering I didn’t see her on her day off yesterday.

We’re coming back from London that night, and then on Saturday I’m having my 20th birthday party at a local pub, which is always good fun. Given recent events though, I don’t think I’ll be doing much drinking. But we’ll see. Have a good weekend readers, I know I will 🙂

My Blog’s 1st Birthday

Without me realising it, my blog had it’s first birthday on 29th of October! I can’t believe I didn’t realise it had been going on that long, it still feels like I’ve only just started this blog. In that time the amount of hits have increased, but comment-wise not many people are actually interacting with my blog, which I always like to see. Ah well, at least some people are reading it, I suppose. I don’t really care. Okay I do, a bit. But hell, everyone has an ego, don’t they?

I Shouldn’t Have Gone

My friend’s sister’s party (well, she is kinda my friend but not really) that I talked about the other day didn’t go very well. Firstly, that girl I used to like that was there left a mere 45 minutes after I got there, and the whole time I was there practically ignored me. I think I’ll allow us to drift apart as friends now, not talk to her on msn or interact with her on Facebook. I’m also probably not going to go to her 19th birthday party, which I kinda didn’t want to go to anyway because it was 80s theme, involving dressing up, which I frankly hate. I’ll probably just make up some excuse. Even if I did go, I wouldn’t enjoy it anyway because I won’t know 99% of the people there and I’d feel like a berk standing there in some sort of costume.

Secondly, it was pretty rubbish party –  all we did was eat sweets/chocolate and watch 28 Days Later, which turned out to be good, but not very scary. Not in that environment anyway. Oh well, I knew I shouldn’t have gone, I should have trusted my instincts. I should listen to myself more.

My Friend’s Sister

Would you find it weird if your friend’s sister became friends with you? You see, the sister of one of this friend of mine always hang out with us when he was throwing a party, so naturally we all became friends. However, don’t you think that’s a bit strange? As far as I know, most girls would hate to go anywhere near their older brother’s friends, but this girl really considers us all proper friends.

Okay perhaps this isn’t unusual in itself, but what’s made me think this now is that she’s invited me, and another of my (and her’s now) friends (everyone else is away at university you see) to her 16th birthday party. Okay, she only really invited me because somebody else I knew pulled out and so the other person I’m friends with would feel a little isolated if she was on her own with just this guy’s sister and her friends, so I was invited to keep her company, but I still find it strange. Is it strange, or is it just me? Another bad thing about this situation is that the other person I know that’s going is that girl who I used to like but rejected me, and we haven’t seen each other since.

I don’t really know what to do, as that’ll make it awkward since me and her will be sticking together because we won’t know anybody else. So – do I say something to her, see if she pulls out so I don’t have to go when she realises the exact situation, or do I assume she realises, not care about it, go anyway and muddle through? I really don’t know what to do.

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