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Drunken Texts

It’s funny, people texting when drunk. Or more often, annoying. One of my friends has the habit of sending texts when he is drunk, usually waking me up because of it, so now I’ve got myself into the habit of turning my phone off every night. A different friend sent me a text at 2am one night, waking me up, which was so frustrating, I couldn’t believe it. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t have my phone set to bleep every 10 minutes if I haven’t read a newly received text. Admittedly I could turn that off, but I can’t really because I don’t check my phone otherwise, so I’d miss lots of texts.

The only drunken texts that are ok are the ones from J-O. Partly it’s to do with the fact Bulgaria is 2 hours ahead, so they never come in at ungodly hours, but mostly because they’re actually sweet and not annoying. It’s only happened three times, but those three times have always been sweet texts about how much she wants to be close to me, which is great, especially compared to the annoying drunken texts from my mates that either say something stupid, or say something completely indecipherable.


Good vs cheap

This debate has sparked in my head a few times over the past few weeks. The first time was on my visit to Canterbury, and the second was after a Doyle and the Fourfathers gig the other week.

At Canterbury, we scouted out several pubs one night and they were jam-packed, so we ended up in this rubbish one where we had to sit right next to the DJ (this is a small pub, so god knows why they thought that was a good idea anyway) who was playing this awful music. But we endured it for a while. Eventually we cracked though, and found this other pub with seemed very nice, and had normal music playing. But in this pub the drinks were expensive. However, in this instance I decided that I would much rather pay more for a drink in a pub where I could actually talk to people, listen to good music and actually have a good time, than sit in a rubbish pub listening to very awful, very loud music that had cheap drinks.

In the second instance, me and some mates were looking for a place to eat after going to a gig in the late afternoon. But we wanted somewhere that was fairly cheap, especially since one of my mates didn’t have much money. We ended up at the Giddy Bridge where it’s pretty cheap but, to be honest, the food is pretty average. But we put up with it, because we didn’t have much choice. I must say, in some ways I would prefer to go somewhere more expensive where the food is nice. But I know that that’s a rarity in pubs, so I don’t really mind that much.

In conclusion, I would like to be able to go to somewhere that was nice but a bit more expensive. But as a student, I can’t really afford it. At least I know that in Southampton there is one place that I can rely on to be both nice and cheap is The Crown Inn, even if it’s not in town so I can’t go there when I’m in town on nights out. Oh well. You can’t have everything in life.

Funny Female Thoughts

It’s strange, when you’re sitting down somewhere and you can clearly hear them talking, you can’t help but listen. This isn’t always a good thing – like when I overheard this woman arguing with her boyfriend over him wanting to go beat-up one of her ex’s – but sometimes it can be quite funny.

Take today for example. I was in a lecture and there were these girls sitting in the row behind me. I could clearly hear them talking about the merits and downsides of going out and drinking. But then one of them said, when talking about ’embarrassing things’ or similar when drunk, that “I hold the view that if you don’t remember it, then it didn’t happen”. And I just thought, ‘yeah, I bet if your mind you still consider yourself a virgin!’.

What a stupid thing to say…

Drinking Beers After Dropping Them – Not Good

The other day I went to a friend’s BBQ. When I was getting my beer from the fridge and putting them into a plastic bag, the bag broke. So I went to use one of those stronger ‘bag for life’ bags. But my Dad told me not to, so I just got another ordinary carrier bag and used that. Which was fine. For a while. But as I walked through the house and got into the back garden, and was about to put it down, it broke. Just my luck. One of the bottles smashed completely, and the other ones were pretty shaken up. So I left them for a bit, then drank them. They were still a bit bubbly, but they were okay. For a while.

But when I got home and tried to get to sleep I discovered the side-effects of drinking this slightly-bubbly beer. Gas. Lots and lots of gas. Burping and farting, but mostly burping. After burping every so often for an about an hour I realised that if I didn’t take action, then I’d be up all night. So what I ended up doing was, basically, burping myself. Like how you would with a baby. I kept pushing my stomach in, and every time I did so, I burped. It was horrible. Apparently I even woke up my mum doing it. I’m going to the pub with my friends tomorrow night (well, today actually, seen as it’s 40 mins past midnight here) and I don’t think I’ll be drinking there, not after that. I’ll probably just have coke. Although I suspect I may give in quite shortly. I give myself an hour before I start drinking. Or maybe less…

Tipsy and Sad

I’m sad but I don’t know why. It doesn’t help that I’m a bit tipsy after some friends came over earlier and we had some drinks, watched a film and playing Rock Band and stuff. Part of this sad feeling is loneliness, I know that. The rest I can’t really put my finger on. It’s strange. Thinking this reminds me of when one of my friends left earlier, and looked like he couldn’t get out of here fast enough – he stopped playing in the middle of a song (when his dad came to pick him up) and put his shoes on as fast as lightning. And that makes me think of the fact that E decided she wasn’t going to stay over after all when she found out nobody else was staying. I mean, it’s kinda fair enough since I’m a guy and she’s a girl and I suppose it’s kinda awkward, but I would have liked her company for the night, staying up for a bit and chatting or whatever. Never mind I suppose. Arg. I wish J-O was here with me.


I went clubbing for the second time ever on Tuesday. Yeah, you heard me. I’m 19, I’m a university student yet this is only the second time in my life I’ve been clubbing. I’ve just never really seen it as my type of thing. But Tuesday was great. It was for my friend J’s birthday, and we all met up at his house first for pre-drinks. I had a few beers and some apple sours, for which I was laughed at by one of my friends for supposedly being a ‘woman’s drink’, even though a male friend first introduced me to it. But I digress. Then we got a lift from several people into town.

We started off by going into Reflex to get stamped while it was free, then went into 90 Degrees to do the same, except we actually stayed there, for most of the night. I had a few more beers (somehow I wasn’t already that drunk, which is strange because I’m usually gone after 4 – 5 pints) and then J offered me a taste vodka and coke. Never having tried it before, but being told it was ‘very drinkable’ (I like coca-cola a lot) I decided to get one for myself. I immediately loved it. I had a few of those in 90 Degrees, and had a very good time dancing (well, slightly moving to the music – ‘dancing’ is a bit of an exaggeration) and drinking.

Towards the end we went into Reflex when I did almost what you might call dancing, as 80s music (it’s an 80s themed club) can be really catchy and make you want to dance along to them. The only downside was that they didn’t allow drinks on the ‘dancefloor’ (presumably because as a more dancing-orientated club with an actual ‘proper’ dancefloor, they suddenly need all these rules) so I was forced to simply watch my friends dancing from the sidelines if I wanted to drink. Reflex was the place where the ‘quote of the night’ was uttered, when J’s cousin (who was quite drunk by this point) looked at the glitterballs in the ceiling, saw the biggest one and said ‘That’s the biggest disco ball I’ve ever seen! It’s almost as big as the Death Star!’ which I, as a fellow Star Wars fan, couldn’t agree more with.

And that was pretty much it. The result of the night is that I now love vodka and coke and want to go into town with my friend’s more often. Probably won’t happen though. So my next club outing might not be for another year, or perhaps never. Oh well. At least I enjoyed that night.

Great Day Watching England vs USA

The other day I said I would inform you about the epic time I had on Saturday. Here it is.

I arrived at about 5 at A’s house and had a beer, and soon J turned up as well. We had a few beers before the match, settling down to watch Total Wipeout. Finally the match started at 7:30pm. A then took out some Apple Sourz (15%, one of the strongest drinks I’ve drunk, I don’t get out much) and we decided that we’d each drink some every time Heskey made a mistake. So as a result it was half gone by the end of the disappointing first half. We then went out into the garden to do a keepy-up game, which I wasn’t good at. We went back and settled down to the second half, which proved to be just as disappointing as the first. We’d finished the Apple Sourz about 10 minutes before the end, along with the 4 beers we’d each drunk, but somehow we were remarkably sober. I was especially surprised at my sobriety, since usually after 4 beers alone I’m already well on my way to being drunk.

Then, as the sun was setting (as it was nearly 9pm by this time) we decided to head over to the local park for some football. After a while we could hardly see as it was getting so dark, so we headed back. When we got back we decided to stay the night. So first we watched HIGNFY and then at about 11pm we settled in to watch Die Hard 2. After that had finished, at 1:30am, we decided not to go to bed, but instead to break out Rollercoater Tycoon. That is still such a fun and addictive game, and we played it until about 3:30am, at which point we decided to get to sleep – just as the ‘dawn chorus’ was starting.

We woke up at 10am the next morning (we’d set the alarm on my phone for 10) and decided immediately after breakfast to go play some more football down the park. We played one-on-one against each other, with the other person being the goalie, taking it in turns. Then we decided to play a penalty shoot-0ut game, which I turned out to be fantastic at (shooting, not saving; I was awful at that) and I had by far the best ratio of goals. I always shot one way, but always managed to make the keeper think I was going the other way. Then we went back for lunch, as it was about 1pm by this time. After that we all went our separate ways (that is to say, we went back home lol) and decided that for each England match we would go to each other’s house to watch them. The next one is Friday at J’s, I can’t wait.

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