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Plinky – Sarcasm

I hate sarcasm; life would be so much better without it, wouldn’t it? Then there would be no polite-ish way to disagree with someone, and we’d have to spell everything out to each other, and everyone would hate each other, wouldn’t that be great?
Oh, in case you hadn’t noticed, I was being sarcastic… 😉

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Plinky – Changing My Hair Color?

Plinky Prompt – Could you pull off a different hair color?

I doubt it – I can’t bear to change the style of my hair, never mind the colour of it! If you knew me and saw my first primary school class photo you’d be able to tell instantly which one is me because I look so similar. Literally, I’ve had the same hairstyle forever. Actually, I tell a lie: I had a mohican for a while after David Beckham made it briefly popular. Apart from that though, I just can’t see myself with a different hairstyle. I guess I’m boring like that…
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[Plinky] Coffee vs. Tea

British tea

Being British, I must unfortunately be very stereotypical and say tea. Tea with milk, naturally. I can’t imagine tea without milk. I suppose that would be coffee, which I’ve never tried but I imagine from the smell I would not like. I like it fairly milky, and is best when accompanied by at least biscuits if not a slice of cake. Coffee also seems a bit pointless since if you become addicted, all it does is relieve you from the addiction, not give you energy as many perceive.

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[Plinky] What's the best news that you could receive right now?

The best news I could receive right now is that J-O wants to talk to me again, that she’s sorry for all the problems over the last few weeks, that’s she’s feeling better and she’s getting back to her old self again.

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My Favorite Summer Memory

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