Dreaming of J-O

I had a dream about J-O last night. It wasn’t a very long one. I think it’s pretty obvious what it means though. The thing is, I tried to talk to her on Skype yesterday, but she didn’t respond. I expected as much but it clearly affected me. Here’s my dream:

J-O was living in Southampton (for some reason) and we had just met up for a catch-up. We were walking back the same direction for a while until we split off in different directions. I kept walking for a few minutes but then I decided to turn back to try and catch up with her and stay with her for a bit longer. However, I could not find her, even though she can’t got gone far in the time since we’d parted. I then trudged back home in the rain along with a lot of other people that were randomly walking in the same direction.

It’s pretty clear what it means: I know we’re going in different directions, I want to return to her, but it won’t happen.

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