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My Patience Has Run Out

Before, I used to be happy to be patient with a girl. If I liked somebody, I was happy to sit back and let things take their course, by which I mean I would not do anything at all about it and eventually after several months or more likely more, I would finally lose interest and move on to another girl.

No longer.

I now have almost zero patience when it comes to the opposite sex. I can’t really be bothered to be friendly with J-O when she doesn’t care. J-R seems to have lost interest and when I txted her the other day about meeting up, when I didn’t get a response the next day I gave up (and I still haven’t recieved any type of response). I was messaging a girl on OKCupid (just a penpan type thing, this girl lives in Brazil), when she didn’t reply the next day as she had done before, I immediately assumed that was that.

At this stage I just don’t have the patience for girls. They’re not interested in me, and I’ve got little appetite for chasing them. Screw them, I don’t need them, I’ll be fine without them.

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