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First Kiss Poll – Results II

A while ago I published the results of a poll on when people had their first kiss. At the time I said I’d come back to the poll again later if it accumulated more votes. Today, with a further 8 votes since the original results post, I will see if the initial results and my conclusions stood up under a larger poll participation. Here’s the original post:

You may remember a while ago that I made a poll, asking people at what age they had their first kiss.Well, I decided to count the results now.

The median age, it turns out, is 15. I thought it was strange that absolutely nobody had their first kiss at 17, 18 or 19, which suggests to me that either you have you first kiss early, by 16, and those that don’t then turn into ‘late bloomers’, who don’t have their first kiss until they were out of their teens.

It could be that the failure to get a first kiss by 16 means that people then end up not having confidence through their main teenage years (main years relationship-wise) and so don’t have their first kiss until they are no longer a teenager, as their confidence grows now they don’t worry about relationships as teenagers do. Either that or I just didn’t get anybody who’d had their first kiss then by chance.

Anyway, the poll is still open if people want to vote, and if people do vote after this post, then maybe in a few weeks time I can look again at the results and see if it changes or not. Anyway, here are the full results:

When did you have your first kiss?

Answer Votes Percent
Earlier (please specify) 2 20%
14 2 20%
15 2 20%
16 2 20%
20 2 20%
17 0 0%
18 0 0%
19 0 0%
Later (please specify) 0 0%

Again we have the trouble of nobody specifying the ealier age, so again I will take that age as being 13. Surprisingly, the results pretty much exclusively follow the earlier results. Again the median age, and substantially the most common age, with 33% of the votes (and 17 – 16 combined making 72%) This suggest the same conclusions. Here’s the results in full:

When did you have your first kiss?

Answer Votes Percent
15 6 33%
16 4 22%
14 3 17%
Earlier (please specify) 2 11%
20 2 11%
17 1 6%
18 0 0%
19 0 0%
Later (please specify) 0 0%
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