My Secondary School Prom

I was watching an episode of the US TV show Greek today. In it, it turns out that the main character did not go to his high school prom because he could not find a date. That got me thinking about if I’d posted about my secondary school prom on here. I checked, and I hadn’t. So, here it is!

As you might remember, my school was an all-boys one. So how did we have a prom, I hear you ask? Well, we had a ‘sister school’ which was all-girls, so every year we had our prom together. It made sense, right? Wrong! The thing is, the other school was a lot bigger than ours and, as such, there were about double the amount of girls than boys. It was very awkward from the start, with all the guys clustered together in one corner.

A friend of mine arranged for a few of us (all guys) to take a limo to the prom from his house. That was the best bit about the whole night really. To be honest, I did not want to be there at all, but I had to because of my parents. Soon after we got there, there was a buffet, but the food was awful. I couldn’t eat any of it. I hang around with my friends for a bit but they soon went up to the dance floor.

I felt very awkward sitting there alone quite near the dancefloor. I did not want to be there really. I certainly did not want to dance, never having done so before. I sat there for a while but soon had enough. I retreated towards the back of the place, at a table almost in complete darkness, and just sat there, constantly filling my glass with orange juice from the several jugs of the stuff on the table. I pretty much spent the rest of the night sitting there. A few times a couple of girls would wonder over and asked me if I was ok. Some asked if I wanted to dance. I said that I did not. They were all very pretty, which made it even more difficult to say yes. One lot even had their picture taken with me, randomly.

I wouldn’t say I regretted what I did that day, as such. At an event where we were too young to be allowed alcohol, I was never going to be able to get up and dance. (In fact a similar thing will be the subject of a later post). Yes, it was a missed opportunity, perhaps. It shows how introverted, shy and risk-avoiding I had become by this stage. Yet, looking back, it was the peak of my introversion. I was about the start (sixth form) college where I would come out of my skin. Admittedly, since I started uni, I have fallen back down the slippery slope. I blame this mostly on J-O: why risk trying to make new friends when you have a nice girl waiting for you on Skype in the evenings? So now I’m left with just a few friends here, who are not even close friends.

Oh well, things could be worse I suppose…

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