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The Pessimistic Dream & Nightmare

The Dream:

I am 30. I have a good job which enables me to live comfortably. I have a flat in which I live on my own. The main room has a massive TV in it, and a range of games consoles. I can afford to regularly treat myself with nice evenings out at restaurants and other places. I have a fridge well-stocked with not very healthy food and drink but I also exercise regularly at a gym so I don’t get fat. There is no woman in my life, but I am happy with what I have.

The Nightmare:

I am 30. I have a rubbish job working at a supermarket and I don’t have much money. I am still living with my  parents and still have the TV I bought when I was 18, along with my PS3. I am fairly overweight. There is no woman in my life; I’m miserable but try to not let it both me too much.

  1. bmweed
    02/02/2012 at 1:49 pm

    The Dream:
    I am 30, I have a job that I love and interests me, while paying well. I own my own small house with a garden and greenhouse. The study will have a state of the art PC with multiple screens and I will have enough space to have a ‘craft’ room for my sewing and supplies. I will make my own healthy meals although still eat massive amounts of crappy foods – I exercise regularly and enjoy it. I am single but happy, with a large dog and a small cat.

    The Nightmare:
    I am 30, still living with mum – in a job I hate that pays terribly or am STILL unemployed. I am still trying to cram my pc, sewing, bed, and furniture into a small single room. I have no time for hobbies. I still eat readymeals every night and have no motivation to go to the gym. I still say ‘one day I’ll change’ and never do. I am single, but lonely – my friends having moved on in their lives.

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