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First Kiss Poll – Results II

A while ago I published the results of a poll on when people had their first kiss. At the time I said I’d come back to the poll again later if it accumulated more votes. Today, with a further 8 votes since the original results post, I will see if the initial results and my conclusions stood up under a larger poll participation. Here’s the original post:

You may remember a while ago that I made a poll, asking people at what age they had their first kiss.Well, I decided to count the results now.

The median age, it turns out, is 15. I thought it was strange that absolutely nobody had their first kiss at 17, 18 or 19, which suggests to me that either you have you first kiss early, by 16, and those that don’t then turn into ‘late bloomers’, who don’t have their first kiss until they were out of their teens.

It could be that the failure to get a first kiss by 16 means that people then end up not having confidence through their main teenage years (main years relationship-wise) and so don’t have their first kiss until they are no longer a teenager, as their confidence grows now they don’t worry about relationships as teenagers do. Either that or I just didn’t get anybody who’d had their first kiss then by chance.

Anyway, the poll is still open if people want to vote, and if people do vote after this post, then maybe in a few weeks time I can look again at the results and see if it changes or not. Anyway, here are the full results:

When did you have your first kiss?

Answer Votes Percent
Earlier (please specify) 2 20%
14 2 20%
15 2 20%
16 2 20%
20 2 20%
17 0 0%
18 0 0%
19 0 0%
Later (please specify) 0 0%

Again we have the trouble of nobody specifying the ealier age, so again I will take that age as being 13. Surprisingly, the results pretty much exclusively follow the earlier results. Again the median age, and substantially the most common age, with 33% of the votes (and 17 – 16 combined making 72%) This suggest the same conclusions. Here’s the results in full:

When did you have your first kiss?

Answer Votes Percent
15 6 33%
16 4 22%
14 3 17%
Earlier (please specify) 2 11%
20 2 11%
17 1 6%
18 0 0%
19 0 0%
Later (please specify) 0 0%

Tiring Few Days…

I am absolutely shattered today. I went out for a drink or two with a friend on Tuesday that turned into a clubbing session, so I didn’t get back home until 1:30. Then on Wednesday (yesterday) I got up at 7 to go into uni to do work for a few hours, after which (at about 2pm) went to London to an LSE talk by Alex Salmond; but didn’t leave until 9:30 cos J-O persuaded me to go to hers for 30 mins or so afterwards. Then because I had to go via Portsmouth (since the uni Politics and Debating Society, who I went with, were paying for the train ticket from Portsmouth to London) I didn’t get to Southampton until 00:40am and didn’t get to sleep until about 1am). Then today I had to get up at 7am to go into uni for a 10am lecture. I’m also getting a bit fed up with trains, it feels like I spend half my life on trains.

I now I feel like I just want to go to sleep…


Tomorrow is V-Day. We all know this. We all know this because of how it has filled up newspapers for weeks, through articles and ads. We all know this because every shop has tried some V-Day-related gimmick to attract customers. We know this because social media has been saturated with it for days. Butwhat’s the point?

(Bias note: I have once recieved one Valentines card in my life, last year from J-O, which doesn’t count because it was part of a long-distance relationship which did not translate into real life.)

If you are in a relationship, you shouldn’t need a certain day to show your partner that you love them. You should do it all the time through your actions. As for gift-giving, why only have this one day to give a romantic gift? Surely people should do this every so often anyway? Couples don’t need the day.

If you aren’t in a relationship (and worried about it), you certainly don’t need a certain day for the whole world to remind you how lonely you are. Sure, you are probably often consciously aware of that anyway, but for the world do decide that for a whole day this will be inescapable is harsh. Lonely people don’t need the day.

If you aren’t in a relationship and not worried, then the day is pointless, just another day, except in that couple-dom is more conspicuous than usual. But that’s fine, because you’re not worried about being single. Happily single people don’t need the day.

Perhaps there is one type of person for whom this day could be useful: opportunistic singletons who use the day to test which of the vulnerably-single people they know they can ensnare in their opportunistic trap. (Interestingly, today one of my friends posted on Facebook that she was writing 3 V-Day cards.) Opportunistic singletons find the day useful.

So, all in all, it seems V-Day is pretty pointless, apart from an opportunity to make money (for businesses) or for those opportunistic people. If I was in charge I would ban the day. But that’s just me…

An Unusually Good Night

I went out in Portsmouth last night and finally went to a club there. It was really good but the music was a lot louder than in the Southampton clubs I usually go to, which was kind of annoying. Also all who came except one friend of mine disappeared shortly after midnight, and we left around 1am. It was unusually good because for the first time in ages I’ve gone out and not felt like leaving towards the end of the night because I was feeling lonely.

In fact, it was only when I woke up this morning and looked at my phone that I got any such feelings. Why? Because there was a txt on there from J-O, sent at 3am. It just said “I’m drunk and I miss you”. Well, I say such feelings, but actually even after I saw that I didn’t actually feel sad or anything about it. All I txted back was “Aww my angel, sorry I didn’t see your txt until now. Hope you’re ok (hug)”. The only thing I thought about it was that perhaps she does still have some romantic feelings lurking around. Then I thought it was probably only just a friendly missing of me. Then I thought it was probably just cos she was drunk and lonely, not because she was actually missing me in any way. My mind entertained possibilities that she’d suddenly say she wants me back, but I didn’t take it seriously. In fact, while I was waiting for the train to go back to Southampton, I looked back at her txt and thought wittily to myself; “she was drunk and she missed me? I should have txted back ‘I was drunk and I didn’t miss you’, for once! Maybe I’m finally getting over her.”

It was great that I didn’t think about her at all last night. Maybe I am managing to move on after all…

My Secondary School Prom

I was watching an episode of the US TV show Greek today. In it, it turns out that the main character did not go to his high school prom because he could not find a date. That got me thinking about if I’d posted about my secondary school prom on here. I checked, and I hadn’t. So, here it is!

As you might remember, my school was an all-boys one. So how did we have a prom, I hear you ask? Well, we had a ‘sister school’ which was all-girls, so every year we had our prom together. It made sense, right? Wrong! The thing is, the other school was a lot bigger than ours and, as such, there were about double the amount of girls than boys. It was very awkward from the start, with all the guys clustered together in one corner.

A friend of mine arranged for a few of us (all guys) to take a limo to the prom from his house. That was the best bit about the whole night really. To be honest, I did not want to be there at all, but I had to because of my parents. Soon after we got there, there was a buffet, but the food was awful. I couldn’t eat any of it. I hang around with my friends for a bit but they soon went up to the dance floor.

I felt very awkward sitting there alone quite near the dancefloor. I did not want to be there really. I certainly did not want to dance, never having done so before. I sat there for a while but soon had enough. I retreated towards the back of the place, at a table almost in complete darkness, and just sat there, constantly filling my glass with orange juice from the several jugs of the stuff on the table. I pretty much spent the rest of the night sitting there. A few times a couple of girls would wonder over and asked me if I was ok. Some asked if I wanted to dance. I said that I did not. They were all very pretty, which made it even more difficult to say yes. One lot even had their picture taken with me, randomly.

I wouldn’t say I regretted what I did that day, as such. At an event where we were too young to be allowed alcohol, I was never going to be able to get up and dance. (In fact a similar thing will be the subject of a later post). Yes, it was a missed opportunity, perhaps. It shows how introverted, shy and risk-avoiding I had become by this stage. Yet, looking back, it was the peak of my introversion. I was about the start (sixth form) college where I would come out of my skin. Admittedly, since I started uni, I have fallen back down the slippery slope. I blame this mostly on J-O: why risk trying to make new friends when you have a nice girl waiting for you on Skype in the evenings? So now I’m left with just a few friends here, who are not even close friends.

Oh well, things could be worse I suppose…

Moving On

I always find moving on from a girl rather difficult. The trouble with me is that I tend to get quite obsessed with any girl I like, they tend to occupy much of my thoughts, even if those thoughts are the same few thoughts endlessly going around. As such when I have to move on it’s rather difficult: I can’t help continuing to think about them. This usually goes on until another girl comes along, and if one doesn’t, it usually takes a very long time before I can forget about the previous girl. Usually when that happens though it’s because I completely disassociate myself with that girl (this only happened once), yet I’m not going to do this with J-O because unlike that previous girl, I think we can still be friends, I still like her as a friend (unlike the previous girl who I realised that I didn’t actually like at all, I was just blinded by her good looks).

So it’s going to be difficult, but I hope I can do it.

Will I Ever See Her Like Again? (J-O)

You know, I’ve been thinking about something. I thought it might be a good subject for a blog post. But I’m not sure. Why? Because you might judge me as sexist, superficial, or something like that. I admit that perhaps these thoughts do lean a bit that way. But I can’t help it, so don’t blame me.

I can’t help thinking that J-O is the sexiest girl/woman (still not sure which of those words to use. I’m 20 but somehow to use the word ‘woman’ seems to be a bit too grown-up) I will ever go out with (especially since I wonder at the moment if she’ll be the only girl I’ll ever go out with). Warning: the following will be quite gushing in regards to details about sexiness; you have been warned!

She has a nicely toned stomach. I felt it a few times, once when we were in the pub on our first day together; we’d finished our meals and she moved from across from me on the table to sitting next to me (it was a table with 4 seats) and we began making out, and as I did so I slipped my hands up her clothes and touched her stomach. I did similarly the first and second nights we slept together (both of those times her being content for me to touch her).

She may have small boobs (though I never touched them) but her bottom is so sexy. The second night we slept together she was just wearing panties and a t-shirt and I touched it several times. It is just perfect, lovely and pert (okay I feel slightly cringey using that word). It was even nicer when she had to get up out of bed and bend down to pick something up from the floor; I could see the perfect contours of it and I could see the slight… crest (?) where I could tell that was her… you-know-what (for a guy that’s only seen a girl naked in porn, I was simply in heaven to notice just that in real life). Okay that sounds kinda fucked up but it’s the truth of how I felt at the time.

Her legs are so sexy too. One of my favorite things to do when we slept together the first two times was to slip my hand inbetween her legs, right at the top of them, and just keep it there for a bit, just touching her. Thinking about it now, it seems almost a bit of a phyrric (not sure if that’s the right word, it’s hard to say what I mean, but I think you’ll get the gist when I explain it) thing to do; I couldn’t get my, *ahem*, you know, ‘between her legs’ (as such) so having my hand there was like a substitute for that.

Having said that, on the second night we spent together I almost went one further. I don’t think she was asleep, but I wasn’t sure, so I didn’t go to far in case she was. I mean, I kinda knew that she breathes quite heavily when she sleeps, and she wasn’t, but it could have been that she only does that when she’s in deep sleep. Basically, she could have been trying to get to sleep, and so not saying anything, or not saying anything to see what I’d do, or she was asleep. I wasn’t sure, so I didn’t go all the way. What I did was, is I put my hand on her waist, slightly down into her panties, similar to what I’d been putting my hand under her top beforehand. After a while I slightly moved my hand down a bit further. But since I wasn’t sure if she was asleep, (and she certainly didn’t react to what I was doing), I didn’t go far enough down to touch ‘it’ (you know). That’s the furthest I’ve got to getting anywhere near, *ahem*, that. But at the same time it was pretty hot to think that here I was, in bed with a very sexy girl, with one of my hands literally down her panties.

So, you know, I don’t think I’ll ever get with somebody that sexy ever again. I might be wrong of course. But I am glad that before we completely became just friends, I did get some, if limited, ‘action’, ‘experience’, etcetera. It sounds superficial, and it is, if I’m being honest with myself, but I do hope that my next girlfriend, if indeed there is going to be another one, might be some way to being as sexy as J-O.

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