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Two Letters (J-O)

I am thinking of sending two letters to J-O in the coming month or so. I am still not sure yet. I think it would be a nice goodwill gesture though, a good way to get her thinking of me in more favorable terms (in friend terms only).

One of these is an actual letter-letter. It’s one talking about our two-year meeting anniversary. I have always sent her letters on significant dates, be it when she was in Bulgaria or here, and since we are (just) still friends I see no reason to continue. In it I will admit that I made mistakes, that the last year hasn’t been perfect, but that I hope we can still be friends, and that I wish her the best of luck for the future. I think it’s a good way to remind her I am here, since it can be read at her leisure, or in fact not at all if she feels like it (even if that would slightly destroy the point; but I feel that it’s better I send something that isn’t so visible and in-your-face, like a txt or a message on fb). Hopefully it will go some way to convince her we can be friends, since it is a friendly continuation of normal recurring traditions (for want of a better phrase).

A Martenitsa

The other is not a letter-letter but an envelope with a Martenitsa in it and perhaps a postcard with a few choice words. What is a Martenitsa, I hear you ask? Well, it’s a traditional Bulgarian, erm, well, ‘adornment’, as wikipedia calls it. A decorative object sort of thingy. People wear them on March 1st, to welcome the coming spring. The name of the holiday is Baba Marta. J-O tried to send me one after knowing me just two weeks or so, but I didn’t let her, not fully trusting her at the point, and she got a little upset. She eventually sent it to me in a letter once I’d trusted her fully enough to give her my address. I’d like to sent it to remind her of that but also to show how I remembered about this Bulgarian tradition, how I try to understand her. It is something I doubt anyone else would be doing, especially since you probably can’t buy them in the UK. So where would I get one, I hear you ask? Well, I found a U.S. website which makes them to order and it only costs $8.75, including shipping, which is about £6, which I think is a pretty good deal.

Okay, so I’m guessing you think this is all a big mistake, that I should just leave her be, let her go, be done with her, just let her stew for a bit. The thing is, I don’t like to play games. I want to continue our friendship, and to continue with traditions that we have developed over the last 2 years seems a nice way to do that. It shows I am mature enough to recognise we are just friends and I am content enough with that to continue as if nothing untoward has happened. Although I’m still not decided, I think that overall is the right thing to do.

  1. bmweed
    31/01/2012 at 5:28 pm

    Not too sure on the first letter, but I think the Martenitsa is a really good and lovely idea.

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