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My Saturday (J-O Visit to Southampton)

Okay so I know it’s only been a few days since I declared this blog to be over but, considering what happened when I saw J-O yesterday, I thought I’d want to share it. I thought about doing it through my Twitter account but it would take too long, I’d have to do it here on my blog. I mentioned this on Twitter and my followers persuaded me to share it here. I don’t think any of you will like what you hear though. I am sure many of you will think I am crazy, I am an idiot. You are probably right. But I did it. I don’t regret it. Now you will know it, after the ‘read more’ link.

P.S: I am not ressurecting the blog, this is just a one off, though what I said the other day still applies.

So, I set my alarm, got up nice and early, in time to meet J-O at the university coach stop at 12. Shortly after 10am, I txted J-O to check when she arrived (and, to be honest, to see if it was still happening), but got no reply. I wasn’t too worried by this, since I expected she would sleep through the journey (which she later said she had). I left the house about 11:30 and began to walk to the stop (it’s only about 30 mins walk from my house). Shortly after setting off I txted her that I might be a little late. At 11:50, I got a reply. It said “I will get off at the city. First of all I was not planning seeing you, since I did not answer.” Then, presumably in reference to her txts the day before, asked “Yesterday, how did you decide to come?” (we’d argued since she’d said we couldn’t be friends, I said I got it now, that we are just friends, and so we can be). Then she txted “I wanna be on my own, and just to relax”.

It was at that point that I saw the coach coming towards me from the university (I wasn’t there yet, I was on Burgess Road before the university), with her in a seat right at the front. Swearing a lot, I stopped. I turned as it passed. I notice the traffic lights up ahead were on stop. I ran the 0.2 miles (approx from Google Maps) to the traffic lights. A few seconds later the lights turned green, and the coach turned the corner. There was another set of lights, again on red. I ran the 500 feet to there, swearing as I did so, and again the lights went green and the coach went as soon as I got there. I stared at it as it drove along The Avenue and out of sight.

I considered what to do for a few seconds. Do I give up, or do I follow. I said to myself ‘screw it! I came out to see her, and I’ll be damned if I go back home without seeing her! She ruined my day by leaving me, I will ruin her day by finding her!’ So I ran, most of the way at least, down The Avenue towards town, swearing a lot as I did so (today my legs ache from the strain). In about 25 mins I managed to run the approx. 2 miles to the corner of London Road/Cumberland Place (this would normally take about 40 mins). From there I fast-walked into town.

As I walked into town, I decided that to search high and low for her would be fruitless. I decided that the most likely place to spot her would be the Bargate entrance to West Quay; everyone goes there, I figured, most leaving/going in through that entrance, so I was bound to spot her there. I found out later that she had had lunch in KFC, which I fast-walked right past, and had visited the Bargate, which means I missed her going past the Bargate entrance to West Quay (although to be fair I was looking at the doors rather than the pedestrian area beyond). At 1:45pm, about 1 & 1/2 hours after I got there, I decided I’d had enough. I txted her: “Fine. You want to be alone? Be alone. I hope you choke on it.” I immediately left for McDonalds for lunch. It was very busy there so I got a take away meal. As I was walking away I noticed I had a txt from J-O, received just a minute after I sent mine, which said “I am sorry. I think that it just doesn’t work, and I feel bad to make you sad.” I went outside West Quay, sat down on a bench, and replied “if you really cared u would meet me. I am still in town. I was going to show u so many places.”

So I began to eat my McDonalds lunch. 3/4 of the way into my burger and 5 mins later, I got a txt from J-O. It said: “I am at the town quay. it’s so beautiful here.” Immediately I put the remains of my burger in the box, put it and my drink in the bag.  I got up, and legged it as fast as I could. I ran the 1/2 mile to Town Quay in 10 mins. I looked around, but couldn’t see J-O. I txted her “where abouts on town quay.” She replied “you are crazy”. I replied, “I am here.” She txted me, “I want to be alone.” I thought for a few moments. Could it be that she lied about where she was? Then I had a thought, ‘she said town quay, but she might have meant Mayflower Park’, which is right next to Town Quay. So I ran there. As I got to the entrance to the park, I saw a girl walking along the road into the park, towards the edge by the sea. It took me a few seconds to realise it was her. I ran up to her, and simply said “hello”. I was completely out of breath, I had a stitch, and probably a cold McDonalds, but I’d caught up with her. She said “hi”.

We went and sat on a bench. We talked for a little while, with me reeling off facts about Southampton that I’d learnt through reading for one of my units in this semester just gone. This, along with a few other things, made her smile. She said it was nice here; I said it was one of the places I’d planned to bring her. She said she’d already visited the old town. I said that was a shame, because I had information about it that would make it more interesting than just looking around it. I don’t remember her reaction to that. We stayed there for a while before moving into town. I felt a bit ill from running just after eating, but it soon passed. We then visited the old bombed-out church, look a few pictures there (1 or 2 together) then we visited West Quay, doing some shopping. We went to another clothes shop outside West Quay. J-O said she’d found Ann Summers earlier, had never seen what she called “a sex shop” before, saying she wanted to go back for a proper look. So we did.

I couldn’t believe there was a place like that in Britain (I’d never been in an Ann Summers before, though I’d heard about it). I couldn’t believe they were openly selling dildos. J-O curiously went for a look at those particular things; I stayed away. The whole time we were in there, I didn’t know where to look! She spent ages trying to decide what type of underwear she’d jokingly buy a (male) friend of hers, who she said was gay (I refrained from believing or disbelieving it; I decided not to bother thinking about it). It was a choice between and man-thong(?) and boxers with suggestive designs (e.g. a picture of a cockrel with “look at my cock” or similar written on it). We spent the last 2 hours in the Yates pub along there. She ordered one round; a cup of tea for her and a Fosters for me; I ordered the other; half a Fosters for me and a hot chocolate for her. We sat opposite each other and talked about uni, jobs and her desires for visiting various places in Europe. She said she really liked Southampton, thought it was better than Cambridge, which she’s visited. She said she’d like to come back when the weather was nicer (it was blowing a hooley yesterday, especially at Mayflower Park).

At about 5:45 we left the pub for the coach station. Since she’d originally planned to get off and on from the university she didn’t know what time it would leave the city depot, which is why we left so early. As it turns out, it didn’t leave until about 6:20, though she could get on about 5 mins before that. For that half an hour we leant against a wall (the small ticket office building being shut by that time). After a few mins, she said she was cold, and I put an arm around her. She didn’t seem to mind, so I kept it here. She even slightly adjusted her position for it to be more comfortable. At one point she apologised for “making you wait in the cold”; I said I didn’t mind. She asked how I was getting back, I said I was walking. She apologised for making me walk. I said it was fine. At 6:15 the coach approached from the other side of the coach station and she got on. I left for home. As I left I remembered how she always asked me to txt her when I got home, always to ask if she got home ok, so I txted her asking if she’d txt me when she got home. She txted back that she would.

Overall, it was nice once we got together. We seemed to get on well. I took it with a large pinch of salt though. I thought it would probably be the last time I saw her. But today she added me back on fb and although she didn’t upload any of the photos of us together, she did upload one photo with me in. So we’re friends now, it seems, though not ‘good friends’, probably. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I still might not see her again. Oh well, at least I have her as a friend. I’m now pretty sure I am over her now, in the sense that I didn’t feel like I loved her any more when I looked at her, unlike on Monday and Tuesday (16th & 17th January). I hope we can be good friends, though I doubt she’ll feel that way. Who knows. Oh well. Time to get on with my life.

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