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Bits and Bobs (J-O)

This is just a quick post of some things I’d forgotten to mention about my new years J-O London visit and limited developments on her visit to Southampton.

I’m not sure if I made it clear but J-O did ask me several times if I was sure I wanted to go, and even asked me a few times if I could stay, while I was still in her halls in the evening. I said it was best not to because I wouldn’t get much sleep and needed to work the next day.

When I was heading towards the station to go home, with J-O with me, she said that she would just see me to the end of this road, which was just around the corner from Waterloo. I said that was fine with me, but as we neared the end of the road, I could feel my eyes starting to well up. Only a little – I hoped she wouldn’t notice because I didn’t really want to show her how strongly I still feel about her. As we stopped at the end of the road and we turned to each other to say goodbye, it began to get a little worse. She asked if I was okay and I said I was fine. But then a tear or two managed to escape my eyes. She asked why I was crying and I said it didn’t matter. She said that she would go with me all the way to the barriers at the station, and joked that “it was just to get me to come the whole way with you, wasn’t it?”. So we went into the station and prepared to say goodbye once more. She again asked if I wanted to stay, but I again said no.

J-O said the other day that she is considering staying over at mine when she comes to Southampton.

QUICK NOTE: As I was finishing this post a major development cropped up with J-O. But I’ll leave this as it is and post a new post about it now.

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