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A Late-Night Call (J-O Update) [Edited]

I was getting ready to go to bed last night when I got a call from J-O. She said she had not done any work that day, and had spent a few hours in the pub with a friend. So much for her worrying about not working if I was there! Earlier in the day we’d talked again about me coming to see her. I said that I’d wait until 4pm to call work to tell them I was coming in as usual tomorrow (now today). I didn’t hear anything from her so I’d called as I said as so will be going to work today. During the call she said that her roommate had contacted her to say she wouldn’t even be back for New Year, as J-O thought, never mind the next day (today). I have no idea when this was, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was before 4pm! So J-O said she would probably spent New Year alone. After about 1 minute of dancing around it, I said that I would be willing to go up and spent New Year with her. She said she would think about it. I know she’s going to say no, so I’m not really thinking about it. She then told me that she had bought a coach ticket to come to Southampton on the 21st January. She said that the coach leaves London at 6-something a.m. [actually I must have heard wrong, the first coach leaves at 10 and arrives at 12:05], and doesn’t get here until past mid-day. She said she coach she’s getting back leaves around 7pm. I said that wasn’t very long to stay, and suggested she could stay at my house. She said that she didn’t like the idea, because ‘it would not be good if the first time I saw your parents I am staying overnight, do you?’. I said, unconvincingly, “no, I suppose you’re right”. We left it at that. I’ll discuss this development in another post later.

Then I asked if she wanted to have a little Skype video call and she said it would be nice. It wasn’t the best video call though; she spent most of the time tidying her room while kind of talking to me at the same time. She did sit down for a few minutes and chatted. But then she decided she would go have a shower and get ready for bed, and left me sitting there like a lemon (she decided to keep the call going while she did this) for about 20 mins in total. Then I decided to get my own back a bit by showing her the present I got her. She asked what it was, as I knew she would, and told her that I wouldn’t tell her, but that if she’d met up like I had suggested, she would already know what it is. She said “thanks for reminding me.” Eventually we went to bed, with her saying she will text me when she gets up in the morning.

She did indeed text me this morning. But she also called me about an hour ago to ask for some advice on her essay, which I gave. She then said about this American summer work thing, if I would be interested in it, because she is thinking of going. I’d liked to think she was implying we could go together, but I doubted it. So I said, entirely truthfully, that I wasn’t willing to go on my own. She then said that I could go with her. I basically said I still wasn’t sure, and she said she’d send me the link (which she has; it’s here). The conversation then ended, with her saying she’d call me after work, and, as I said goodbye, I said “miss you”. Strangely, she responded to that with “oh, please, you don’t miss me“. I replied sarcastically (although I’m not sure she picked up on the sarcasm) “okay, I don’t miss you, if you say so”. I seriously don’t understand what her fucking problem is sometimes. So screwed up…

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