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I’m A Massive Idiot (J-O Update)

Basically J-O didn’t get a response from her roommate about tomorrow. She then began to ignore me after texting me “I don’t think I can do work while you are here”. I said that I promised her we could but I got no response. Finally she messaged me on facebook (I was offline on chat – it’s her classic way of her to communicate with me indirectly) that “haven’t heard anything of (my roommate) I need to study tho”. I texted her “so you don’t want to see me at all? What would you like me to do with your christmas present? put it in the post?” and got the reply “”nope dont, we will meet will see”. I was too pissed off to reply anything other than “ok have a good day tomorrow, goodnight”, to which she replied “thanks, good night, hugs”.

So, 5 days of almost constant texting when we were rebuilding a rapport and now it’s all gone to shit. I am seriously the most idiotic person alive, I don’t even fucking know why I even fucking bother when I get absolutely shit all out of it. I half tempted to throw her stupid present out of the fucking window. Doesn’t help that I’m not feeling too well today anyway. I bet she never liked my idea really, she just said it to shut me up. I don’t understand what the fuck her problem is. But its not her with the problem, is it? It’s me and my stupid, mad brain that’s twisted around so tight that it’s about to explode (I don’t even know why I wrote that, it makes no fucking sense in any way). I dunno, fuck it, I’ll keep myself busy. If she wants to see me fine, but I really can’t trust her any more. She always lets me down. Screw it.

I’m mad now but I bet by tomorrow I’ll be crawling back. You just fucking watch this space, you and I know I’m right.

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  1. bmweed
    28/12/2011 at 3:22 pm

    It goes like this:

    Delete her number. Block her on Facebook. Ignore her from Skype.
    Rip out her address from your book.

    You can also ignore/block/delete her from any instant chat programs you have, like MSN or ICQ or whatever.

    This *has* to be the last time you let someone treat you this way. I don’t want to be harsh, cause although I don’t know you, I feel like I know you…

    Grow a pair of balls. Locate your Spine. Stop wasting your time and devotion on her and start looking for a girl who will love you back.
    As a single person, I know that the ‘plenty more fish in the sea’ comment is utter balls, but anything has to be better than this limbo zone you are in right now.

    An then you can get back on with your life, instead of revolving around an uninterested manipulator.

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