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A Quick J-O Situation Update

I decided not to try and see if J-O wanted to meet up today so I could give her the Christmas present I got her. In the last week I’ve called her several times to see how she is, especially after her roommate left the other day. They’ve been pretty nice, though several times it seems like she wasn’t really listening to what I was saying, as a few times something came up which I’d already discussed with her in previous calls. That’s not a good sign. Though having said that she was quite responsive to my texts last night (I went out and at one point near the end of the night I started texting her), though having said that, it was probably out of boredom rather than caring about me in any way. She does seem to want to meet up with me over the Christmas break though, although the notably didn’t say anything when I mentioned that I’d like to stay for a few days; she said we’d “discuss it nearer the time”. Her mum goes back on Monday so I’ll probably call her then (I won’t call while her mum’s there to give them space alone together), and then again on Thursday where I’ll discuss it if we haven’t already. What I’m hoping is that I’ll be able to stay over from Wednesday (28th) until the 31st. She says her roommate is coming back for New Year’s Eve so I imagine I wouldn’t be able to stay then, and I’m not even sure she’d want me to be there at all that day (I get the sense that she’s embarrassed of me; maybe she doesn’t want to be seen together in case any guy she likes notices and thinks we are a couple, even though I made sure I acted like just a friend to her on the one time I did go over properly and meet her friends, and would do so again).

Okay, so not a quick update. But that’s the situation now anyway. I must say reading it back that I can’t believe how pessimistic and cynical I’ve become on this subject, always assuming the worst motive for every action. It’s depressing how depressed I am about this – if that makes sense…

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