Drawing A Line

Me and J-O had another argument yesterday, details of which can be found on my Twitter feed, and I’ve decided to draw the line. I’ve finally realised that there’s no point in chasing her any more. She doesn’t care about me any more, I should try and move on. There’s no point in chasing her, because I can’t win her back by continuing to pursue her is not going to make her fall back in love with me (if she indeed ever was). We’re clearly moving in different directions geographically and emotionally. I’ve said that I’d still like to meet up in the future. But this time I really will not do anything to initiate it: if she wants to, fine, but there’s no point in my trying to for the above mentioned reasons. I really am trying to move on now. Not half-heartedly, but purposefully. I can beat the shadow of her out of my mind. It will take time, but I’m sure it can be done.

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