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A Train-Full Week and 1/2

From Saturday (8th) to Monday (17th), it’s going to be a week full of train journeys. I bought a 18 – 25 railcard on Saturday so my future trips up to London will cost 33% less, and I of course went to London that day. Sunday and Monday were train-free, I’m somewhat glad to say, but the rest of the time will be full of trains.

Today, as well as tomorrow, I have to take the train to and from uni. I always feel like going to sleep on the train for some reason. Those seats aren’t really comfortable, but they seem to be comfortable enough to almost nod off on, especially in the mornings.

I’m also hoping that I can go and see J-O again on Thursday, the reason for which I’ll explain in a minute. However I still have to ask her and it’s very likely (around 88% likely) that she’ll be too busy, or too tired, or just thinks it’s too early to see me again. Besides which, I’ll only be able to see her in the late afternoon because I have a lecture 10am – 12am.

So if I don’t go there’s no train-ness on Thursday, but Friday it’s back to the station as I’m visiting a friend at his uni, Kent. I’m staying there until Monday. That should be fun and interesting.

Anyway, all in all (apart from going to uni) it’s nice to be able to get out of the house, as I’ve been pretty much stuck in here for the last two years due to lack of friends. This year there’s the prospect of visiting three of my other friends at their unis, and with the railcard will be much cheaper. Third year should be a good year. Who knows, if all goes ok with J-O I might even make friends with her friends in halls. I hope all this happens anyway (people talk about inviting you up but don’t always really, seriously mean it).

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