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Thoughts on the 3rd J-O Meet-Up

Here are some random thoughts concerning my 3rd meet-up with J-O.

When I was crying, she said (something along the lines of) “don’t be upset, everyone has to go through it, I did before and I know it’s difficult”. Why does something have to happen, if it is bad, just because it has happened before? Why is it that she seems to think that I have to suffer like this because she once did?

Every time we have talked about how we can’t be together now, she has always brought up about how we can’t sleep together because she’s in a shared room. I thought it was strange that a girl worried more about sleeping together, about having sex, more than a guy (I) did.

I can’t believe how nice it was just to lay there on the bed with her (covered by her blanket, not the covers though). My arm was underneath her head, her head resting on it. Several times she hugged me more tightly. It was so soothing to feel the warmth of her body against mine, her head touching close to my chest, where I could kiss her on the cheek and forehead. I could have stayed like that all day, were it not for her dropping the “just friends” bombshell and her having to get on with her work. After she dropped that bombshell I asked, and I still wonder, if why she enjoyed that if she really wanted us to be ‘just friends’. ‘Just friends’ don’t cuddle up like that.

At one point she decided to change into different clothes. When she said it to me, I asked if I should look away, but she said it was ok. I couldn’t believe it. Though she only changed her 1st top (she had something else underneath it) so I didn’t see much there, she did change her trousers, and all she had on underneath was panties and this second top thing, which if it was all she had on, would have been a very sexy bit of nightwear, shall we say. I’m not sure how to explain exactly what it was, but hopefully you get the idea. It was over quickly but was still sexy, and, to be honest, given what she said later (about being friends), was a bit of a tease.

One of J-O’s flatmates came down to the common room and sat with me, and pulled the blanket over to her to cover herself (it was still covering me too). She asked what was I going to do after the movie was over, and I said that I would probably be saying bye to J-O and leaving. She was surprised at this. When I went back up to see J-O, she came in with me and asked her, suggestively, “what are you going to do with him?”. J-O ignored the suggestion and said she would walk me to the Tube station.

Note: I may come back and add to this if I remember anything while I’m trying to get to sleep tonight.

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