I’ve just been reading an article about teenage popstars and I think, ‘man, I’ve really wasted my life so far’. I think I am going to have to change. For a start, I want to either start writing a novel, or publishing some of my poetry. There is a great site, Lulu.com, where you can self-publish, and I’ll use that to do so.
Then I want to find some sort of social activity to take up, I have no idea what though, that can get me out of the house and meeting new people, perhaps even of the female variety. I just hope I can pluck up the courage to see this idea through. Wish me luck!
I think I should also do something to get fitter – I hate looking at all the other guys my age at the pool with euther flat stomachs or even muscles too, compared to my round stomach that folds when sitting (so I keep my top on or cover my stomach with a towel). Although, knowing myself as I do, I doubt I will be bothered to do anything about it once I get back. Especially now there is no girlfriend or one on the horizon.

  1. 19/08/2011 at 11:34 am

    Hey. Thank you so much for that wed link! I have been publishing some of my shit for the past two years, but very infrequently, so thank you! Also. you should defiantly go for it! Your poetry is lovely.
    Good luck with your new activities.
    Love the blog as always. Keep it up.

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