I Blinked

I kept thinking about J-O over the holiday, and on Sunday night I finally gave in and texted her “I miss you”. The next day when I managed to get on the internet, there was a message from her saying hello. I responded back but couldn’t get on the internet again until Friday. She’d asked how my holiday was going and I said ‘fine’. Then I noticed she was on fb chat so I said hello. We got talking and she thanked me for the text.

That did it for me. I said “sure that sounds good. sorry about the text, I wasn’t sure if I should have sent it or not”. She said it was “fine, you can say to me what you want”. I said “no I cant, because it wouldn’t be fair on you”. She told me to say what I wanted to say. I said “I still love you”. She said “we will meet up when you are back”.

She then asked me if I wanted to go to Bulgaria with her for a few days (she’s going back for a month, before uni starts). I said it would be nice and I’ll “see what I can do”. I will look into it but I am not sure if it is possible.

Then she said she’d be back in a few mins, and while she was away I told her that my offer for her to come down to Southampton for the weekend was still open. She said she liked the idea, and that we’d talk about it after I’d ok’d it with my parents. I then said I had to go, and that was that. Yesterday she seemed to back away from that idea but today she sounds like she wants to come.

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