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Holiday Observances and Happenings

Is observances even a word? Anyway, this is just an amalgamation of funny events or things I thought about on holiday.

3rd, Wed: As I was swimming in the pool I noticed two people about to get into the pool. One was a woman in her early twenties, at a guess. But she didn’t have a bikini top on. She was just standing there, with her boyfriend (I assumed), topless. It was strange because, in my previous experiences, only old women are topless at the pool, but even then only when sunbathing. Maybe she’d forgotten, or somehow lost, her top. That’s the only explanation I can come up with. Anyway, she got in the pool but, after less than 1 min, she got out again. Perhaps she realised she attention she was getting and thought better of it. I wouldn’t blame her. What a strange thing to do.

4th, Thurs: The little birds around the swimming pool seem remarkably brave. They still fly away if you make any sudden movements, but they are not at all scared of coming quite close to people otherwise. They are so cute.

5th, Fri: The amount of young girls in bikini-type thing is quite shocking to me. Maybe it’s my Conservative side showing through, but it doesn’t seem right to have them in that type of clothing at that age. I can’t help but think it’s making it seem to them later that it is natural and acceptable that to bear as much skin as possible, indoctrinating them with the norms of oversexualised modern society. Call me old-fashioned, but it does not seem right to me.

7th, Sun: We’ve had one or two fighter jets fly overhead before, but nothing like just now. About 6 or 8 just flew over our campsite, in formation, and they seemed quite low. I keep thinking they might be going to Libya, but then I remember that NATO is operating out of Italy, not France.
Also, I found out today that somehow, on my phone when I’m listening to music, a photo of J-O comes up as album art on a few random songs. So annoying when I’m really trying to keep my mind off her (though failing).

9th, Tues: Found another song with a picture of *her* on it; More Than A Feeling by Boston.
Looking at older women’s boobs at the pool is almost enough to put this guy off boobs completely. Almost.

8th, Weds: Somebody pooed in the kids pool apparently.

11th, Thurs: Today we decided to visit Spain as we were really near the border. On the way back into France, we saw girls sitting beside the road. We thought it was strange but didn’t really think about it. Once we got into the commercial center near the border (on the Spanish side), we noticed other women standing beside the road, wearing very nice – and sexy – clothes. Only then did we realise they were prostitutes. I think their main *ahem* customers are the truckers that obviously pass through the area constantly. The ones in the commercial center were very nice, but the ones further out of town, they were not so nice. Erm, for those who’d like to know, this is the place. lol.

13th, Sat: Last day. At the pool, I noticed a young couple nearby, and at one point the girl was clearly rubbing her boyfriend’s, *ahem*, crotch area, both through and inside his shorts. Quite unsettling. Lucky bastard though.

14th, Sun: I noticed lots of litter at Calais while I was waiting for the ferry. Made me ashamed to be British.

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