It Hasn’t Helped

(I’ve managed, with difficulty, to get onto the campsite wi-fi, hence I’ve uploaded some posts I wrote on the WordPress android app).

I thought that going on holiday would keep my mind off J-O. Deep down though, I knew it wouldn’t. And I was right. Any time I haven’t got anything else to think about,
I think about her. I think about the smiling face I saw that day I finally met her in person. I think about how happy we seemed. I wonder, still, what could have made things go so wrong. I think about how I wished she was with me, hugging me, smiling at me, kissing me.
It’s even worse when I see other couples happily together. I think how that could have been me and her. I think about all the things I wanted to do with her in the future. I think about how much I loved her, still love her. How much I thought she loved me, if she ever did really.
I just want the love of my life back.

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