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The Current Situation Part III

J-O finally talked to me after weeks of almost completely ignoring me. After getting some pleasantries and some normal conversation out of the way, we got on to the real business of what has really been going on over the past few weeks.

She said that she’d been feeling that “I don’t think it can all work out”. When I asked why, she said “I don’t know, I just think so”. I asked her why she ignored me instead of talking to me about it, and she said that she “didn’t want to upset” me. I told her; “I’ve said before, I don’t mind what you say as long as you talk to me. if we talk we can try and work it out. If we don’t, it makes things worse”. She said “yes I know “.

The fact she put a sad emoticon says to me that she still wants to give it a go, she still has feelings towards me. I said that it would have been better to have talked in person, that we could have talked in person on Sunday if she’d answered my calls. After I said that, she said that she is free during the middle of the day, from about 10am until 2:30, so we could meet up during the week. I said I could make Wednesday or Thursday. She said that she’d talk to me another day to sort it out. It sounds promising. At least I should get about 3 hours or so with her, when we can chat and whatever. I am hoping I can win her back, or at least convince her to give our relationship a bit more time, to see if it works out or not.

On a side note, she said she’s booked her tickets for going back to Bulgaria for a month before she starts university in London, for the end of August. Since I’ll be away mid-August on holiday, it means I’ll only have about a month in which to try and win her back, really. I hope I can. From now on I should be able to see her every weekend, if she wants me to, so that should help. I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed…

EDIT: She said she was going out for a while, then when she came back she was going to sleep. She asked me if I was doing anything tomorrow, I said I’d be at a party. She wished me to have a good time. I asked if I should call her, she said “don’t know, as you wish”. I said “If I do, will you answer?”. She ignored this, said “goodnight and have a good day tomorrow”. This made me very annoyed, but I simply said “Ok if you’ll answer me, I’ll call you. Have a good day tomorrow. Bye”. She simply said “bye”, and that was it. Why she’s acting like this, I can’t fathom.

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