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Another Day, Another Confusing Mess

(These were mostly tweets originally)

A few thoughts about my conversation with J-O tonight.

We started talking at 7pm, and at 7:30 she says “brb”. Three hours later, she comes back and says “I’m going to sleep now”. So infuriating! I said to her that as a rule, “brb” should be used if you’re going to be less than 30 mins, but she didn’t respond.

Another thing: There’s no affection from her in our Skype conversations these days, it’s really strange. I wish I knew what was going through her head. I think I’m going to have to ask her how she feels next time we meet face-to-face.

Then again, it could just be that she’s essentially taken us finally meeting as a reset button; I have to win her heart all over again. Great. I think that last thought was probably the correct one, unfortunately. Kinda makes a certain amount of sense. Still annoying though. 1 year and 6 months down the drain… at least I still have the memories.

Hopefully, if it all goes well and I can win her back, this whole episode will be just a blip in an otherwise happy¬†relationship. If she’ll let me win her back…

P.S: It’s been 3 weeks exactly since I met up with her. I haven’t been able to see her since.

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