My First Meeting With J-O

Right, yesterday I promised that I would finally write about how my first meeting with J-O went on Thursday. In my love-crazed state a few days ago, I wrote every little detail I could recall about the trip in a Word document. However, it mostly talks about kissing e.t.c so I’ll heavily edit it and add other bits to made it more of a general, rather than more personal, account of the day. Here goes.

I was supposed to meet her at Waterloo station. Unfortunatly, she came out of one of the many Waterloo Underground entrances and didn’t bother looking for the station, so I had to go find her. That took about 15 minutes. As I came around the corner to an entrance I see her, for a few seconds not quite recognising her because of her hair. I then said as much to her. She says hello, comes up to me and hugs me. It feels so nice. I notice her height, that she just comes up to my chin. We ask each other how we are, and then decide to go through the barrier to the underground, to go see Buckingham Palace. After we go through, she holds my hand. It’s the first time I’ve held hands with a girl. While we are walking along the tunnel to get to the tube platform, I keep smiling and looking at her. She keeps asking if I am ok. I can hardly believe what is happening.

When we are on the tube, I lean on a wall, she stands in front of me and hugs me. I hold her tightly , so much that she doesn’t need to hold on to the bar. I say as much to her when I see her reaching for the bar when the train stops at the next station. It felt so nice.

Unfortunately, due to the time it took to find her, we missed the first 10 minutes of the Changing of the Guard and couldn’t see anyway because of the amount of people. Then it started to rain and we took shelter in Green Park. We then made our way towards Trafalgar Square, where we went into Cafe Nero to have lunch. After this, we walk along Whitehall, to Parliament then go to Westminster Bridge. She wants to see Tower Bridge, but it cannot be seen from there.

Just before we move towards the tube station, I suddenly, without much thought, in a spontaneous, natural moment, lean my head in to kiss her on the lips. I see her close her eyes and we kiss. I close my eyes too. I can smell her; it is a lovely, sweet smell. I don’t even notice we are in a public place. This is my first kiss. We stop, smile, then move on, not saying anything about what just happened.

We got and visit Westminster University, as she needs to sort out some things. Then we head to PC World, where I help her buy a laptop. It’s an ordeal that lasts about 45 mins. Luckily I manage to prevent them from selling her Microsoft Office and security software, telling her she could get software just as good on the internet for free (OpenOffice and AVG in conjunction with Windows Defender). We then go sit in Pizza Hut for a bit. Unfortunately this is when I begin to feel ill. ‘Great, just what I need, on this day of all days’, I thought to myself.

After that we walk down to Earl’s Court, and at one point we cross a road with an island in the middle. We had to stop at the island, and when we did, something unexpected and nice happened.

She pulls me around to her, we hug and she reaches up and we kiss for a minute or so; at one point she tries using her tongue, but I don’t know what to do, so we just kiss normally. Then I realise we can cross, we stop and as we are walking across I say ‘you were distracting me’  and we both smile to each other. Eventually we get to Earl’s Court. From there we decide to go to the pub I had been recommended to by a friend.

When we are there, my stomach keeps acting up but we still have a nice meal. We were sitting at a table for four, opposite each other, but once we’ve finished eating, J-O moves around and sits next to me. We kiss several times more, and she tries using her tongue again, and the first time it almost works; but after one almost-successful attempt at putting my tongue in her mouth, I stop and just kiss normally. A few minutes later, we try again, and this time I am able to use my tongue, and we begin making out. It’s such a good feeling, especially when the other person initiates the kissing. A few times I opened my eyes while doing it, and I just thought that it is so sweet how she looks when kissing me; the closed eyes suggesting she is really enjoying it. Even though I know closing your eyes is what you must do, I still think about it in that way.

We eventually realise it is later than we thought, and decide to go out of the pub and go our separate ways. We get off the train at Leicester Square. I think we might have to go our separate ways then, but then I realise we will both be travelling on the same line in opposite directions. We find the platforms, which are directly opposite each other. I lean against the wall adjacent to the platforms and we hug. I lean in and we make out again. She pokes her finger into a hole in my shirt between the buttons, touching my skin. I move my hand up from her waist and feel one of her boobs for a few seconds. Both trains arrive at the same time and we stop kissing. She says (referring to the touching) “just a few seconds” and smiles. I kiss her again. I say to her “I could do that all day”. She says, “our trains are here, we better go. Goodbye”. I reply “goodbye” and as I do so, the train doors open and she pushes me towards them. I reluctantly get on the train. She gets on hers. I watch as the doors close on both trains. She is looking at me, smiling. I smile too. Suddenly, the train pulls away, and she is gone.

It is not until the next day, when I am at work, that I remember the way we parted. I almost begin to cry as I realise I will not see her for about a week; I will not be able to hug her, to kiss her, to be with her. But I don’t. I just hope that I see her again and am thankful that she made us part in a way that kept me feeling happy, not thinking any sad thoughts.

  1. 15/06/2011 at 6:35 pm

    This is so lovely. I’ve been reading your blog for so long, it’s great to see you have finally met 🙂

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