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A Change in Fortunes… Mostly

Yesterday I had a bit of a change in fortunes. Firstly, when I went in to work and asked for Friday off, they said no, which was not good. But then I phoned J-O later and asked her if she could change the day she had off, and she said she would once the parents of the family get back. Later on that evening, she texted me back.

They’d said yes! They’d moved her day off from Friday to Thurday (tomorrow)! I am now unbelievably nervous. I hope it all goes well.

There is one dark cloud hanging over this though. When I talked to her earlier, she said she had been left to look after the kids while the parents went out, but they were taking hours longer than they had said. She said that when they get back she will tell them that the work is too hard, she doesn’t want to work for them any more. I said that there was a chance the next family could be worse. She said this: “I am not thinking about if it is worse. If it is worse, I will get on a plane back to Bulgaria.” 😦

I really hope it doesn’t come to that. If it does, I think I might have had enough and will end our relationship.

But I really hope it doesn’t come to that.

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