Just Like Old Times

Two days after our clear-the-air talk (approximately) me and J-O had a conversation that was almost like old times. It started after she mentioned that we’d been talking for a year (as of 12th Feb). I said it was ‘a great year’. She said it was a ‘good year’ but it was ‘hard tho’, but overall she was glad we were close and how I supported her. I said I was glad I could do this for her, and that she’s made me very happy over this past year.

That wasn’t the reason why it was like old times. I asked her if she ever does the lottery, and she said she did a long time ago. She said wouldn’t know what to do if she won the lottery, but then said she would ‘take the first plane to London’. I said I would do something similar, namely go to her town and when I am there, phone her to say where I was as a surprise. Then she suggested ‘we could go anywhere’. I suggested Paris, and she said it would be awesome. Then she said she was imagining it and that she was ‘smiling so much’ when imagining it.

It wasn’t just that though. I think that the next bit was actually even nicer. She said that if I won the lottery I could even have Angelina Jolie. I said “but I don’t want Angelina Jolie. There’s only one girl I want”. She then pretended, in a jokey way, that she didn’t know who I meant. Deciding to go along with this flirtatious coyness, I said “I’ll give you some clues”, then said this person (her) was ‘beautiful, clever, nice, her name begins with J”. She continued with the joke, asking if it was a friend of hers whose name beings with J. I said “no. It is you.” She replied “ I am glad.”

That’s the first time she’s sent me a kiss emoticon since we ‘took a break’. It felt just like back when we were ‘together’. It was great. I can’t wait to finally be with her.

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