Such A Great Evening

Here’s the reason why I was happy and so hadn’t been writing here for 9 days:

On Saturday me and J-O had a great evening. We decided to watch the film Despicable Me. So we did the usual: we went on audio chat and played the movie at the same time to ensure we were watching the exact same bit (we did have to correct it every so often though, because I think her computer is slower than mine as was making it slightly slower for her, putting it out of sync).

We really enjoyed the film (even though J-O had seen it before), and it felt like we were having a great time together, almost like the old days, when we were ‘together’. This feeling continued after the film ended, because we talked about the future and how we hope everything works out. Although she didn’t say the words ‘be together’, she strongly implied it. For the next few days this feeling and affection continued. It was great. But then it was spoiled.

More about that in my next post.

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