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A Guide to Oktoberfest Guides

The other day I promised you all a guide to Oktoberfest from what I found on the internet, and here it is!

Booking accommodation: It is advised that you book by January in order to get a decent priced room (source). If you’re going with a group, it may be a good idea to use HostelBookers Group Booking service. There is also a camping group that is quite cheap, if you don’t mind that sort of thing (source).

Tables: It is advised that you book a table in a tent if there are many of you, months in advance (source).

Tents: Here’s a handy guide to each tent, and what sort of person they attract, from the ‘hip’ younger crowd to the more traditional tents for the older generations. Wikipedia also has such a guide.

Beer: It comes in 1 litre glasses only, which is, in addition, stronger than normal beer at %, and costs about 8.50 euros (source). However, in reality it will be more than that, since tipping is practically mandatory (source).

Fitting in: In all likelihood you will hear many German folk songs when you are they, and will be inclined to join in after a while, once you’ve heard the songs a few times and so generally know the words. You will also be expected to klink glasses with the people next to you, shouting ‘prost’ as you do it. Anything else is considered decidedly bad form (source)!

Language: Here are some useful phrases that will come in handy, even though most people will speak English anyway.

Other entertainment: There’s also a massive fun fair with a lot of rides (source), although it is best if you do that before you start drinking!

After-partying: Since the tents usually close around 11:30, with last orders earlier than that at 10:30 (although to be fair drinking a 1 litre glass must take a while) (source), here is a handy guide to the other local nightlife.

‘Fancy dress’: Dirndls (the girl’s dresses) and Lederhosen (everyone knows them) cost about 100/120 euros in Munich, but I’ve found that they can be easily bought online for around £30 (here and here), if you fancy dressing up. As they say “when in Rome, do as the Romans do!”.

  1. 13/08/2011 at 3:55 pm

    Thanks for the information on how and when to book!

  1. 30/01/2011 at 10:15 pm

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