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Quite Interesting – Munich’s Oktoberfest

The other day, I told you about something interesting I discovered on QI. Well, that episode also brought something else to my attention – Oktoberfest. Now, obviously, I’d heard of it before, but it never occurred to me before to actually go. Well, QI mentioning it made me think me and my friends should go. I posted it on Facebook, and all my friends agreed it was the ‘best idea ever’. Then I started seriously considering it. I thought about doing it this year but we already have another group outing planned in the summer so I thought we’d do it next year, as a graduation treat.

I later discovered we couldn’t have gone this year anyway, since it’s already sold out (as in the only places to stay left are expensive hotels and the best tents are booked up). Apparently, it’s best to book no later than January to get the cheapest hotels/best tents. After looking it up on blogs and stuff, I think I’ve got a good guide together (which I will post in another post for anybody that fancies going). The only trouble with it is that if we have to book before January, nobody is going to know what they’ll be doing in 10/9 months time, especially since most of them will be out of uni and into the ‘real world’ by then. Hopefully I’ll be able to convince them to commit by saying, basically, that this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we just have to pledge that we will go, even though we don’t know what we’ll be doing at that point. I only hope that argument works because, if not, then we won’t be able to go.

Here’s fingers crossed to when I have to do that!


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