I was ill over the Christmas holidays, and as I result I lost some weight. Since everyone always remarks about how I’m getting fat or going to be fat in the future, I thought this would be a good point to start losing weight, when I’ve managed to get a bit of a head start due to my illness.

So, I went on VideoJug earlier and learnt how to do sit-ups properly. I had a go and couldn’t really do a proper one, but hopefully if I keep it up I will slowly be able to do proper ones and lose some weight. I will try and do a few every day, building up hopefully over the next few months, getting better and better and (hopefully) fitter and fitter. In tandem with this I will try and ride my bike a few times a week, probably just around The Common a few times, which will also help me get fitter.

Hopefully these two things will be sufficient to help me stay fit and get fitter, but if you have any suggestions for any other forms of exercise I should try, please leave a comment. Mainly I want to do exercises that will ‘tone’ (is that the right word? It sounds really pompous) my stomach. I’m not saying a want a ‘six pack’ or anything stupid and vein like that, but I would like to stay thin. Thanks for any suggestions.

  1. 25/01/2011 at 3:24 pm

    running is always good, cos the arm movement will also “tone” your shoulders…n if you run while sucking in your stomach, you work your muscles too

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