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The Wink

I’m in the pub
I go to the loo
Once I’d done
What I’ve got to do
I went to wash my hands

But in the mirror
Something winks
A flashing blue light
I stop, puzzled
I turn around

There’s a machine
A vendor of rubbers
Each choice has a light
That flashes
In the night

It seems to wink
Come, buy me
It seems to say
You need me
Use me

I turn away
There’s no point
I say
You won’t be used

Not for some years
I expect
So no
Wink at someone
Who needs you


A Guide to Oktoberfest Guides

The other day I promised you all a guide to Oktoberfest from what I found on the internet, and here it is!

Booking accommodation: It is advised that you book by January in order to get a decent priced room (source). If you’re going with a group, it may be a good idea to use HostelBookers Group Booking service. There is also a camping group that is quite cheap, if you don’t mind that sort of thing (source).

Tables: It is advised that you book a table in a tent if there are many of you, months in advance (source).

Tents: Here’s a handy guide to each tent, and what sort of person they attract, from the ‘hip’ younger crowd to the more traditional tents for the older generations. Wikipedia also has such a guide.

Beer: It comes in 1 litre glasses only, which is, in addition, stronger than normal beer at %, and costs about 8.50 euros (source). However, in reality it will be more than that, since tipping is practically mandatory (source).

Fitting in: In all likelihood you will hear many German folk songs when you are they, and will be inclined to join in after a while, once you’ve heard the songs a few times and so generally know the words. You will also be expected to klink glasses with the people next to you, shouting ‘prost’ as you do it. Anything else is considered decidedly bad form (source)!

Language: Here are some useful phrases that will come in handy, even though most people will speak English anyway.

Other entertainment: There’s also a massive fun fair with a lot of rides (source), although it is best if you do that before you start drinking!

After-partying: Since the tents usually close around 11:30, with last orders earlier than that at 10:30 (although to be fair drinking a 1 litre glass must take a while) (source), here is a handy guide to the other local nightlife.

‘Fancy dress’: Dirndls (the girl’s dresses) and Lederhosen (everyone knows them) cost about 100/120 euros in Munich, but I’ve found that they can be easily bought online for around £30 (here and here), if you fancy dressing up. As they say “when in Rome, do as the Romans do!”.

Good Night Out

I had a pretty good night out last night. Me and a friend went to see The King’s Speech, which was fantastic. It was better than I thought it would be, it really lived up to the hype. I was particularly surprised at what great acting Colin Firth did (he went to the same college as me, Barton Peveril, although not at the same time of course!). Then we went on to a pub to watch the Southampton vs Man U FA Cup game. OK we lost, but we did score the first goal, were better in the first half and we only lost 2 – 1, which isn’t too bad considering our respective positions in English football.

Although I was planning to go home after watching the match, my friend persuaded me to go out to some pubs/clubs with him and his mates who had just arrived. I had an OK time. I enjoyed the booze and watching my friend try (unsuccessfully) to pull girls, but I didn’t enjoy the music in most of those places – I prefer 90 Degrees and Reflex. The only think I didn’t enjoy was when his friends started teasing about my virginity. I don’t know who brought it up but the logical conclusion is that it could have only been my friend – and even then I didn’t realise he knew/suspected I was still a virgin (I’m 19!! 😦 ) I abandoned them around 11:30 after my friend abandoned us when he ‘pushed in’ on the queue to get into a club – presumably he knew the guy on the door.

Some good and bad points to the night, but I enjoyed it overall.

Quite Interesting – Munich’s Oktoberfest

The other day, I told you about something interesting I discovered on QI. Well, that episode also brought something else to my attention – Oktoberfest. Now, obviously, I’d heard of it before, but it never occurred to me before to actually go. Well, QI mentioning it made me think me and my friends should go. I posted it on Facebook, and all my friends agreed it was the ‘best idea ever’. Then I started seriously considering it. I thought about doing it this year but we already have another group outing planned in the summer so I thought we’d do it next year, as a graduation treat.

I later discovered we couldn’t have gone this year anyway, since it’s already sold out (as in the only places to stay left are expensive hotels and the best tents are booked up). Apparently, it’s best to book no later than January to get the cheapest hotels/best tents. After looking it up on blogs and stuff, I think I’ve got a good guide together (which I will post in another post for anybody that fancies going). The only trouble with it is that if we have to book before January, nobody is going to know what they’ll be doing in 10/9 months time, especially since most of them will be out of uni and into the ‘real world’ by then. Hopefully I’ll be able to convince them to commit by saying, basically, that this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we just have to pledge that we will go, even though we don’t know what we’ll be doing at that point. I only hope that argument works because, if not, then we won’t be able to go.

Here’s fingers crossed to when I have to do that!

Quite Interesting – Dinner For One

I was watching QI on Dave the other day (for non-UK readers, QI is a British TV panel show where points are awarded for being ‘interesting’, and Dave is a TV channel that shows BBC repeats), an episode on Germany. At one point they started talking about this comedy sketch (‘skit’) that is British-made, but completely unknown in the ‘English-speaking world’ but very popular in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, where it is shown on New Year’s Eve every year. It is called ‘Dinner for One’, and is about a English lady’s 90th birthday and her butler who has to impersonate each (now dead) guest that used to attend her birthday dinners at each course. I thought it was kind of funny in places but not that brilliant, but then everybody’s taste in comedy is different! I’ll post the two parts here and you can judge for yourself: (It is introduced in German but the actual sketch is in English)


I was ill over the Christmas holidays, and as I result I lost some weight. Since everyone always remarks about how I’m getting fat or going to be fat in the future, I thought this would be a good point to start losing weight, when I’ve managed to get a bit of a head start due to my illness.

So, I went on VideoJug earlier and learnt how to do sit-ups properly. I had a go and couldn’t really do a proper one, but hopefully if I keep it up I will slowly be able to do proper ones and lose some weight. I will try and do a few every day, building up hopefully over the next few months, getting better and better and (hopefully) fitter and fitter. In tandem with this I will try and ride my bike a few times a week, probably just around The Common a few times, which will also help me get fitter.

Hopefully these two things will be sufficient to help me stay fit and get fitter, but if you have any suggestions for any other forms of exercise I should try, please leave a comment. Mainly I want to do exercises that will ‘tone’ (is that the right word? It sounds really pompous) my stomach. I’m not saying a want a ‘six pack’ or anything stupid and vein like that, but I would like to stay thin. Thanks for any suggestions.

I’ve Had Enough!

I’ve had enough of caring about what other people think. I’ve had enough of feeling that I am ugly, that no girl would like me. So what that one or two people have said I’m ‘repulsive’ or something along those lines? I don’t actually agree any more. I used to feel the same when I looked in the mirror, just because of what they thought, but I refuse to accept that any more.

I am not ugly. I may not be the most handsome man in the world, but I don’t think I’m that bad. Besides, I have other things that I think are much more important. I know that I would make a great boyfriend to a girl; I’m loyal, loving, (fairly) funny and (fairly) intelligent. If they can’t see that, it’s their loss, not mine.

This isn’t indicative of a major shift in position though; it is not a declaration of confidence by any means. I’m just saying that it’s not as bad as I once thought.

I don’t know how long I will stay with this view though…

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