A Setback

There has been a bit of a set-back in the long-running J-O saga. She got the results of her English test yesterday and she didn’t get as high a mark as she wanted. She has decided to take the test again, and that will be in about a month or so. That means that she will not come over to Britain before Christmas or New Year. I am kind of sad because I was hoping she’d be here by Christmas, so I could see her a lot over the Christmas holiday and invite her down to Southampton to see my friends when we meet up over Christmas or New Year, before everyone goes back to their unis.

I just hope that my relationship with her does not make her more anxious about getting a good score and coming to London as soon as possible, to rush her, to put pressure on her. I know she loves me, and sees our relationship as a very good thing, I wonder if she might have been better off without me, as she would be under less pressure probably. I would hate to have done that to her.

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