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Every Single Time…

M was supposed to come over my house today, as she was back from uni for a few days. I thought she’d actually come this time, but still suspected she’d pull out. I was right. Shortly before she was going to be here I got a phone call from her saying she couldn’t come because she had to help her sister move stuff because her sister wasn’t feeling well. I swear this happens every single time these days. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I know that they are all valid reasons, but it does get really annoying. I think from now on, I’ll work on the assumption that she won’t be able to make it, to avoid disappointment. That might work. This time it was even her idea to come over, which is very unusual. We have re-arranged it for Tuesday, but since I’ve got work at 4 that day, I doubt she’ll be here for any more than 2 hours. Oh well. At least it is some company for once.

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