Third Clubbing Experience

Well I’ve now been clubbing a total of three times! Isn’t it so rebellious and amazing of me? That’s just how I roll! But seriously, I am beginning to enjoy it more and want to do it more. On Tuesday (student night here in Southampton) me and some friends met at my house for some pre-drinks then went on to town. By the end of the pre-drinks I was already fairly drunk and, as such, ready and raring for town.

Unfortunately, because we walked from my house we got there after 10pm and so had to pay to get in to the clubs. Luckily it only costs a few quid even when you have to pay. I went to get a drink and I got this really bitchy girl behind the bar that told me off for forgetting to say ‘please’. I never expected to get tips on politeness from somebody working in a place where people get pissed and get off with random girls. Geeez. Later on one of my friends tried to get me with some girls, but I turned away because I have J-O and besides, they probably wouldn’t like me anyway so it didn’t matter.

Then we moved onto Reflex where I received another random telling-off from a bouncer, who claimed I ‘didn’t look like I understood a word he was telling me’ when he didn’t hear me respond to his question about if I had my student ID. He then decided to give me a talking-to as if I had done something wrong, declaring that he ‘didn’t want any trouble’ from me and that if I started ‘swaying around all over the place’ then I would be thrown out. What a complete dickhead. But then I suppose all bouncers are. Anyway, once I was (finally) let inside after insisting I was fine (which I was, he was just deaf as a doorpost) I had a pretty good time. Reflex is great if you go there near the end of the night because you and everybody else are so drunk that you don’t care that you’re dancing to really cheesy 80s music (it’s an 80s themed club) and have such a fun time. At one point me and my friends even ended up on the stage-y bit and danced there, which I never thought I would see myself doing. I suppose anything is possible when you’re pissed. Most of your inhibitions leave you, something I desperately (as any regular reader will know) need.

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