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Tipsy and Sad

I’m sad but I don’t know why. It doesn’t help that I’m a bit tipsy after some friends came over earlier and we had some drinks, watched a film and playing Rock Band and stuff. Part of this sad feeling is loneliness, I know that. The rest I can’t really put my finger on. It’s strange. Thinking this reminds me of when one of my friends left earlier, and looked like he couldn’t get out of here fast enough – he stopped playing in the middle of a song (when his dad came to pick him up) and put his shoes on as fast as lightning. And that makes me think of the fact that E decided she wasn’t going to stay over after all when she found out nobody else was staying. I mean, it’s kinda fair enough since I’m a guy and she’s a girl and I suppose it’s kinda awkward, but I would have liked her company for the night, staying up for a bit and chatting or whatever. Never mind I suppose. Arg. I wish J-O was here with me.



I went clubbing for the second time ever on Tuesday. Yeah, you heard me. I’m 19, I’m a university student yet this is only the second time in my life I’ve been clubbing. I’ve just never really seen it as my type of thing. But Tuesday was great. It was for my friend J’s birthday, and we all met up at his house first for pre-drinks. I had a few beers and some apple sours, for which I was laughed at by one of my friends for supposedly being a ‘woman’s drink’, even though a male friend first introduced me to it. But I digress. Then we got a lift from several people into town.

We started off by going into Reflex to get stamped while it was free, then went into 90 Degrees to do the same, except we actually stayed there, for most of the night. I had a few more beers (somehow I wasn’t already that drunk, which is strange because I’m usually gone after 4 – 5 pints) and then J offered me a taste vodka and coke. Never having tried it before, but being told it was ‘very drinkable’ (I like coca-cola a lot) I decided to get one for myself. I immediately loved it. I had a few of those in 90 Degrees, and had a very good time dancing (well, slightly moving to the music – ‘dancing’ is a bit of an exaggeration) and drinking.

Towards the end we went into Reflex when I did almost what you might call dancing, as 80s music (it’s an 80s themed club) can be really catchy and make you want to dance along to them. The only downside was that they didn’t allow drinks on the ‘dancefloor’ (presumably because as a more dancing-orientated club with an actual ‘proper’ dancefloor, they suddenly need all these rules) so I was forced to simply watch my friends dancing from the sidelines if I wanted to drink. Reflex was the place where the ‘quote of the night’ was uttered, when J’s cousin (who was quite drunk by this point) looked at the glitterballs in the ceiling, saw the biggest one and said ‘That’s the biggest disco ball I’ve ever seen! It’s almost as big as the Death Star!’ which I, as a fellow Star Wars fan, couldn’t agree more with.

And that was pretty much it. The result of the night is that I now love vodka and coke and want to go into town with my friend’s more often. Probably won’t happen though. So my next club outing might not be for another year, or perhaps never. Oh well. At least I enjoyed that night.

Great Song About Childhood

I had this stuck in my head today, and thought I’d mention it here on my blog, as it’s very significant to me. (And because I haven’t posted in a while). It’s a great song because it shows the innocence, imagination and fun of childhood.

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Back From Holiday

Well, I’m back from holiday now. I went to the Isle of Wight with some friends for a week, renting a house out in Cowes. It was great fun. We managed to organise it pretty well, and there was only 1 argument during the whole trip, which was unpleasant but soon forgotten about. At the end my friends thanked me for organising such a great trip. We watched the awful England match together and couldn’t believe what happened. We also watched a lot of the other matches, and couldn’t believe when the Netherlands knocked out Brazil.

We visited most of the major towns on the island: Newport, Ryde and Yarmouth. We also visited several attractions, including The Needles and the Isle of Wight Military History Museum, where they had a tank display going on. I took about 200 pictures while we were there and also took about 4 mins of video of the tank display. Unfortunately, when I tried to upload it to Facebook, my internet provider kept cutting off my upload after about 25MB. Click on the ‘read more’ link for pictures.

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