Update on the J-O Situation

Yeah sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days, but I’ve been busy having a good time, which I’ll post about either today or tomorrow.

J-O has decided that she will do this English As A Foreign Language (called a TOEFL test) and then apply for 5 universities in England for next year. She’ll be applying for different subjects for some universities, as far as I understand. She’ll apply to Southampton, Portsmouth, Solent and others. This means she can apply to good unis to see if she gets in, but also apply to the less good ones just in case, so we can still be together. I previously said I would be willing to wait for her, now she has said that she will wait for me. I said I was worried that she might be ‘missing out on some fun’ if she was waiting for me for a year, but she said that she likes only me and that she isn’t missing out on any fun, she just cannot wait to be studying in England and for us to be together.

I just hope it all goes well over the next year, and that I have the patience to wait. Although it’s not like I’ll get any other girls in that time. I hope she can wait. I trust her.

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