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My Favorite Summer Memory

Summer break-times on the field at my primary school. Fun, carefree times.

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A Quick Update

I know I haven’t been posting much recently, but there isn’t much to tell really, what with uni finishing and summer only just arrived. Today I went to the park with some friends, we played football and it was unbelievably hot, I was sweating buckets. After that I had to go to work, where a headache suddenly developed and it was boring as hell, too.

I won’t be posting anything in the next week either because tomorrow I’m going with a bunch of mates to the Isle of Wight, we’re renting a house there for  a week you see. I don’t really know what we’re going to do there, we’re in Cowes so are far away from anything interesting (other than going to the pub), so we’ll have to get a week bus ticket so we can go places that are actually interesting and have things to do. I should think we will go to the beach one day at least. On Sunday, of course, we will be watching the England vs Germany match, which should be good. I’m not sure if we’ll stay in the house and watch it or, as my parents suggested, go to a pub to watch it. The whole thing should be fun and interesting. We’ll see if we can survive it lol.

See you in a week!

To Wait

I have to wait a year
A whole year
Before you are here

I’m not sure about the wait
I want you now
Here in my arms

To only chat in that time
To not be with me for real
Still leaves me lonely

Nothing beats the warmth
Of your body against mine
Of which I cannot experience

I want to get on a plane
And fly into your arms
That is my dream

To make my dream come true
There is a lot to do
I don’t know if I’ll see it through

But maybe I should try
For once
To make my dreams reality

I Wish I Could Just Get On A Plane…

Last night, when trying to get to sleep, I suddenly thought ‘I wish I could just get on a plane and visit her’. What probably prompted this thought was when my friend J said that him and M were going to visit Bulgaria and joked (I think it was a joke anyway) that I could come along with them and see J-O. However, looking back on it I’m not even sure he said that. The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that I dreamt he said that, or imagined it somehow. Anyway, I would love to visit her in Bulgaria. I have time – 3 months (from today) to be exact in which I could do it.

There are only several major problems with this idea. Firstly, how to explain about J-O to my parents and then convince them to go on my own or with J and M (if it turns out I didn’t dream J saying that). If that wasn’t difficult enough, I’d have to then organise it, spend lots of money on flights and converting currency to spend while I’m there. (Oh yeah and I’ve talked to J-O and she said I could stay at hers rather than stay in a hotel, so that would save a lot of money) And I’d have to ask work if they’d give me a week off, which I’m not sure they will do even though they’re always very accommodating.

And this is all presuming J-O’s parents can be convinced to let a-random-stranger-that-their-daughter-has-only-met-on-the-internet stay in their house, probably in her room(!),for a few days (not the whole week – J-O suggested we go away to the beach for a few days you see). Yeah, that sounds like an easy obstacle to get over. Not. (And similarly with my parents, letting their son go to a far-away country on his own to meet some random girl (who may not be who she says she is!).)

It’s a nice idea. But it’s never going to more than an idea, a pipe dream.

You Are Like A Drug

You are like a drug
I cannot stop
Thinking of you

You are like a drug
I cannot stop
Even when it does me harm

You are like a drug
I cannot stop
I’m addicted to you

But unlike a drug
This is good for me
I would not miss you for the world

P.S: When I say ‘even when it does me harm’ what I’m talking about is the face that I’ve been going to bed late a lot recently and needed to go to bed early tonight really, but J-O talked to me at 21:30 saying she would do work and be back soon, then again at 23:30 to say the same, asking if I was going to sleep soon. I know I should go to sleep and know this won’t do me any good tomorrow, when I have work. Tomorrow will be hell, I will have to go to bed early tomorrow night for sure. And I don’t think I’ll go in to town like me and my friends said we would on Tuesday. I would die lol

England vs Algeria

I cannot believe how shockingly bad England played yesterday. It was the worst I’ve ever seen them play. They couldn’t pass, they couldn’t cross, they couldn’t run and they couldn’t shoot. I can’t remember a single England goal chance, seriously. Rooney is so poor, he hardly touched the ball the whole game and didn’t look like he wanted it, either. Heskey was solid, as always, but England doesn’t need a ‘solid’ striker, they need one that can run at players, making them uncomfortable, getting past them and putting the ball in the back of the net. Somebody like Defoe, for example. I think Capello should play Defoe and Crouch up front in the last game. Them we might see some (much-needed; nay, required) goals in the last group game. Even then I don’t see England getting much further the way they’re playing.

Great Day Watching England vs USA

The other day I said I would inform you about the epic time I had on Saturday. Here it is.

I arrived at about 5 at A’s house and had a beer, and soon J turned up as well. We had a few beers before the match, settling down to watch Total Wipeout. Finally the match started at 7:30pm. A then took out some Apple Sourz (15%, one of the strongest drinks I’ve drunk, I don’t get out much) and we decided that we’d each drink some every time Heskey made a mistake. So as a result it was half gone by the end of the disappointing first half. We then went out into the garden to do a keepy-up game, which I wasn’t good at. We went back and settled down to the second half, which proved to be just as disappointing as the first. We’d finished the Apple Sourz about 10 minutes before the end, along with the 4 beers we’d each drunk, but somehow we were remarkably sober. I was especially surprised at my sobriety, since usually after 4 beers alone I’m already well on my way to being drunk.

Then, as the sun was setting (as it was nearly 9pm by this time) we decided to head over to the local park for some football. After a while we could hardly see as it was getting so dark, so we headed back. When we got back we decided to stay the night. So first we watched HIGNFY and then at about 11pm we settled in to watch Die Hard 2. After that had finished, at 1:30am, we decided not to go to bed, but instead to break out Rollercoater Tycoon. That is still such a fun and addictive game, and we played it until about 3:30am, at which point we decided to get to sleep – just as the ‘dawn chorus’ was starting.

We woke up at 10am the next morning (we’d set the alarm on my phone for 10) and decided immediately after breakfast to go play some more football down the park. We played one-on-one against each other, with the other person being the goalie, taking it in turns. Then we decided to play a penalty shoot-0ut game, which I turned out to be fantastic at (shooting, not saving; I was awful at that) and I had by far the best ratio of goals. I always shot one way, but always managed to make the keeper think I was going the other way. Then we went back for lunch, as it was about 1pm by this time. After that we all went our separate ways (that is to say, we went back home lol) and decided that for each England match we would go to each other’s house to watch them. The next one is Friday at J’s, I can’t wait.

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