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To Tell Or Not To Tell

(Yes, another J-O post, sorry)

For the past few days I’ve been considering how I’m going to tell my parents about J-O. I can’t exactly say “oh yeah, by the way, I’ve met this girl on the internet, I asked her out and she said yes. Oh, she’s from Bulgaria and is hoping to get into Solent.” That does not sound good at all, to a parent. You know all the internet safety issues that such a conversation would bring up. Not to mention that I don’t really like talking to my parents about my ‘love life’, or lack thereof (as it used to be, and may well revert to, if all doesn’t go well). Also it would be pretty pointless if I told them but then (heaven forbid) she doesn’t get in – it would only create a lot of bother, which I don’t want.

I think the best thing to do would be to wait and see if she makes it over, wait until I meet her and make sure she still wants to go out with me. (Although I think she will – I mean, we’re acting more like boyfriend/girlfriend every day. Well, in as much as you can do over the internet. And no, I’m not talking about steamy webcam sessions of anything superficial like that. Not that she even has a webcam. But I digress.) Then I’ll explain everything. That way, I’d be pre-empting any ‘internet safety’ talk (having actually safely met her already, although I suspect I might get a telling-off for it anyway) and ensuring that I only tell them about her once it is going ahead for sure, minimising how much I have to discuss it with them.

I just really hope she makes it… I like her so much. ❤

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