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A Bit Of A Disastrous Trip

Today (well, yesterday now, if you’re being pedantic) I went to London with E to go to a gig at this place called the Water Rats. We went to see this band that one of my friend’s is in. I left Southampton at 2:30 and met E on the train, and we got into London Victoria at about 5. The gig started at 6, so we first went to McDonalds, although E didn’t eat anything. Slowly we trudged over to the tube and got the Underground to King’s Cross.

We got to the gig at 6 and they started playing at 6:30. They were really good, but since they were the first band on and hadn’t played outside Hampshire (although one of their songs got played on 6 Music) it was only me, E, two other fans how had travelled up from Southampton, and the lead singer’s parents. That was rather disheartening for them, and on top of that they made a loss of £200 or so because they bought a load of tickets to sell but didn’t manage to shift many. They finished at 7. They dropped off their stuff and said they’d be back, and we thought they’d stay a while. But when they came back they said they were tired at that they were off – this was at 7:30. The rest of us hung around for a bit, as the place filled up, but left by about 7:15.

From there we went back to Victoria and then home, getting back at 11. A lot of hours and a fair bit of money (the train ticket cost £30) was wasted on that trip, in many ways. However, because of the lack of people e.t.c I didn’t like to leave E going all the way to London and back on her own, and I was glad to encourage the guys by being another person there watching them. I know one person doesn’t make much difference, but with only 6 people watching, I think it would have done. I felt really sorry for them, as they’re a great band and played really well. At least they’re getting themselves out there though.

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