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Thinking Time

I went to see Kick-Ass earlier. I loved it, it was amazing! Hit Girl and Big Daddy stole the film for sure, their scenes were absolutely amazing! As usual, I quite liked how the ‘geek’ got the girl, it gave me hope. But then I realised, I wasn’t like him at all – at least he put himself out there and tried, unlike me. After me and a few of my friends walked to the pier at the town quay, where the Hythe and Isle of Wight ferries leave, where my friends decided to catch the free bus into town. Given that it would be a long time before the free bus came, I decided it would be better for me to walk.

Living in Shirley, I estimated it would take me half an hour to get home from the pier. That half an hour, as usual when I walk home from the cinema in the evening, was a great time for thinking. Or a bad time for thinking maybe, because most of the thoughts were negative. But I did have some good ideas for some poems, which I’ll probably post in the next few days. In the end I managed to make it home in 35 mins, which was pretty good. To give you a bit of a reference, Google Maps estimates it should take 55 mins to walk that distance. Result!

I’m so sad.

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