Fighting It

For the past few days I have been fighting the urge to tell J-O that I like her. After consulting with my advisor’s (friends), I’ve decided that I will resist telling her until she actually comes to Britain. I’ve decided that for several reasons.

Firstly, it seems pointless, as she won’t be coming over for six months, so it’s not like we can do anything about it.
Secondly, she might reject me anyway, and that might make it awkward when talking to her for the next six months.
Thirdly, as this is the internet we’re talking about then I still should be cautious when it comes to her. Basic internet safety.
Fourthly, since I’ve never met her in real life, I can’t be sure if I do actually like her – I may not like her when I do meet her and that would be awkward.

Perhaps most importantly though, I simply think it would be much better to tell her in person. Then I can look into her eyes, tell her I like her, how nice, sweet and beautiful she is, in a meaningful way. Give the moment the personal touch, the importance and sincerity it deserves. I want to actually be there with her when I ask her, so I can remember her reaction, so I can remember the moment perfectly. She deserves that, we deserve that.

Providing she says yes. Providing I still like her when I finally meet her. Providing she makes it over at all. Fingers crossed!

  1. 09/04/2010 at 7:47 pm

    have you guys exchanged pictures yet? or when you talk on skype, do you video chat?

    • 09/04/2010 at 7:52 pm

      She’s sent me some pictures of herself but she doesn’t have a webcam so we can’t video-chat. She did once suggest audio-chat (because she has a microphone) but I didn’t want to at the time because my brother was in the room.

  2. 09/04/2010 at 7:55 pm

    is she pretty?

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