Very Strange Occurrence

It was a bit of a strange day today. I was still feeling pretty down after yesterday, and as a result some of my other worries were coming back with a bit of a vengeance. It was almost like they were mocking me – ‘you may have fallen head-over-heels for that girl and feel pretty happy about it, but we’re still here, you problems are still here’.

There were a few things that temporarily cheered me up though. I got talking to E on Facebook chat and we had a really nice conversation about her laziness. We were talking at 2:30pm and she said she had got up at 11am, and was still in her pyjamas – I’d got up at 7:20 and was in uni by 10am. Since what happened yesterday I was feeling a bit lonely and started to miss my friends, and, as usual, I particularly missed E. She always makes me smile so that conversation boosted me for a little while.

Anyway, what really made it a strange day, was this ‘strange occurrence’ of this entry’s title. While I was waiting outside the train station for my dad to pick me up, this (fit) girl randomly – well, danced, I suppose (and she was singing at time) – up to me then laughed and walked past. It’s like you see in music videos, you know, when girls dance while walking towards some nice guy. That actually sounds quite funny and ridiculous the way I said that. I bet she was surprised when she saw my face – probably not quite what she intended. Anyway she went right up to me then quickly went round me, laughing and smirking at me. I was surprised, confused and it kinda made me happy, just at the sheer randomness of what had happened. God knows what she was thinking.

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